The Inconvenient Truth About Ecommerce Personalization

By The Good
1 minute read | Last Updated: December 6, 2018

Looking to hop on to the personalization bandwagon? Here’s why a strong foundation is essential and how you can effectively use it on your ecommerce site.

The word “personalization” has joined the Buzzword of the Month Club, alongside other favorites like “synergy”, “cross-platform”, and “cloud computing.” The idea of personalizing the shopping experience for individual customers has almost become standard of perfection in the ecommerce world.

If you can sufficiently customize the customer experience, it’s guaranteed to create a buying frenzy—or at least that’s the idea.

And there certainly is some truth regarding the benefits of personalization. After all, Amazon is the king of personalized recommendations, analyzing your shopping patterns and browsing history, the preferences of similar customers, and thousands of other data points to give frighteningly relevant shopping suggestions.

But there’s an inconvenient truth lurking behind the bold proclamations regarding the power of personalization: personalization is only effective when it’s built upon the solid foundation of good user experience.

And like almost everything else in life, it requires context.

In this white paper, we’re going to help you:

  • Put personalization in the proper context for your brand.
  • Understand how to build the solid foundation for it.
  • Know when to most effectively deploy personalization on your site.

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