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Behind The Click

Optimization tactics and technology trends can only get you so far. Creating customer-centric digital experiences that withstand the test of time hinges on understanding human nature and its inherent biases.

Behind The Click dives into the psychological principles behind customer decisions and how to craft digital journeys that delight, engage, and convert.

Behind The Click

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Praise For Jon’s Last Book, Opting In To Optimization

I’ve built my entire business on helping brands earn more revenue with email marketing, but driving traffic is only half the battle. I can’t think of anyone more qualified than Jon to teach you how to design high-converting purchasing experiences and maximize the value of every visit.”

Chase Dimond


Boundless Labs

Jon has a unique gift for sharing what truly works—based on his real-world experience helping multi-million dollar brands scale—while telling stories that help new concepts feel like familiar friends. Trust me, you want to read this book before your competitors do.”

Val Geisler photo

Val Geisler

Director of Retention & Lifecycle Marketing,


Having this book when I started out would’ve saved me tons of time and helped me avoid hard lessons learned through trial and error. I’ll be handing a copy of this book to the teams I work with, and I hope you spend time with it, too.”

Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma


Sharma Brands

Jon MacDonald

About the author

Jon MacDonald

Jon is founder of The Good, a digital experience optimization firm that has helped globally-recognized companies like Nike, Adobe, Xerox, and The Economist exceed their ambitious growth goals. He’s also author of an Amazon #1 best seller in four categories Opting In To Optimization, as well as co-author of Stop Marketing, Start Selling, and frequently serves as a CRO expert for podcasts and conferences.

In Behind The Click, Jon translates psychology into actionable steps that product marketing and ecommerce leaders can take to enhance their digital experience.

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Book Chapters

What You’ll Learn

Chapter 1: Shortcuts

To fully grasp and effectively utilize the psychological principles and optimization tactics detailed in Behind The Click, it’s essential to understand the mental shortcuts our brains use to navigate the vast amount of information we encounter daily. This insight will give you a richer understanding of how your customers think and act, allowing you to implement strategies that really resonate.

Chapter 2: Discovery

The Discovery phase is where customers form initial impressions based on whether the company understands their problem and has a potential solution. These impressions are influenced by subconscious biases and preconceived notions, making it essential to guide users effectively.

Chapter 3: Information Gathering

Merely presenting information isn’t sufficient for customers to find what they need. You must understand your website and products from the customer’s perspective, recognizing gaps in information and navigation challenges that may not be obvious to someone familiar with the website.

Chapter 4: Decision Making & Conversions

Your careful guidance along a curated digital journey hits its most pivotal moment when it becomes time to make a decision and convert. The ease with which customers move from information collection to decision-making, and ultimately to checkout or signup, presents a unique chance to make this decision seem like an inevitable end to their journey. The more straightforward and guided the process is, the more easily customers can decide and convert.

Chapter 5: Post-Purchase

Despite a smooth journey leading to a successful checkout, the journey doesn’t end there. A complete digital experience not only guarantees customer satisfaction but also fosters retention and future transactions.