Find the highest-leverage digital optimization opportunities

With the 5-Factors Scorecard™

Top-grossing websites and apps are run by teams that excel in these five competencies. Learn what leads to unparalleled digital success and how to recreate it.

Based on insights from top product marketing and ecomm teams

Through industry polls and 15 years in digital experience optimization, we’ve defined the five competencies that lead to top-notch digital experiences.

What stands between your company and digital excellence?

7 Minutes | 18 questions

  • Define where you need to invest to improve your digital experience
  • Identify actionable steps to grow your impact in your organization

5-Factors Companies Beat the Mark

Satisfaction across the 5 Factors means measurable business outcomes*

*industry leaders surveyed based on 2023 performance.


More likely to Rank “Excellent” in Customer Satisfaction (NPS)


More likely to exceed Annual Performance Targets

About the Good

The Good provides the tools, technique, and expertise to improve your digital experience and grow your revenue.

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