How A/B Testing Tools Work (A Guide for Marketers)

By Jon MacDonald | 8 minute read

The ultimate goal of an A/B test is to build on the learnings from previous experiments and use those insights improve the pages being tested. Here’s where to begin.

The Secrets of Successful Holiday Email Campaigns

By Jon MacDonald | 11 minute read

Research that confirms the fundamentals of successful email marketing and provides a rare glimpse into the exact frequency and open rates of holiday email campaigns.

How to Multiply Your PPC ROI

By David Hoos | 7 minute read

CRO and PPC go hand-in-hand. The more of your visitors who convert from prospect to buyer, the greater your return on investment.

Why Your CRO Best Practices Aren’t Working

By Jon MacDonald | 5 minute read

If your conversion optimization best practices aren’t working, chances are, it’s because those tactics don’t align with your audience’s preferences.

How Product Reviews Can Drive (or Dive) Sales

By Jon MacDonald | 4 minute read

Including a high volume of quality and credible product review content on your brand site will help customers find the best products and stay on your brand site to purchase them.

6 Simple Steps for Making the CRO Case to the Boss

By Jon MacDonald | 9 minute read

While research shows that CRO is a high priority for many, some decision makers still haven’t taken the next step. We study why that is and provide some resources to help you make the case.

How to Offer Free Shipping the Right Way

By David Hoos | 9 minute read

Offering free shipping increases conversions, but when it’s done poorly, it can hurt your bottom line. To do it right, you need to tailor it to your business.

How to Craft Customer Personas that Convert

By The Good | 5 minute read

A site created for everyone is a site that converts no one. One of the best ways to align your site with your audience is to develop personas.

Why Your Brand Story is Killing Conversions

By Jon MacDonald | 6 minute read

To increase conversions, your brand story must provide real support, value, and alignment around the things your website visitors care about: their goals.

How Market Segmentation Can Unlock Amazing Growth

By Jon MacDonald | 7 minute read

Market segmentation is an effective way to understand the distinct groups that you serve so you can improve their unique customer experiences and increase conversions.

3 Powerful Design Principles That Improve UX and Conversions

By Jon MacDonald | 9 minute read

A website’s design and usability are two very different things. Design may look nice but usability is key to conversions. Use these three design principles to improve your user experience and increase conversions.

Proof Authentic Brand Storytelling Boosts Ecommerce Sales

By Neil Sniffen | 5 minute read

Snow Peak’s ecommerce site is proof positive that by crafting an authentic brand story, customers will respond by opening their wallets. These simple steps will increase any ecommerce site’s sales.

Post-Purchase Emails: A Powerful Way to Hack Growth

By Jon MacDonald | 8 minute read

Post-purchase emails are a golden opportunity to deepen your brand’s relationship with customers. To use them only for receipt delivery and shipping information is to miss the boat almost entirely.

How to Get More From Your Transactional Emails

By David Hoos | 7 minute read

Research indicates that transactional emails are opened up to 8X more often than promotional emails. They represent one of the biggest – yet most underutilized marketing opportunities.

Why Website Goals Are Key To Effective Growth

By Shaun Tinney | 3 minute read

Features kill sales because they almost never advance a customer’s goals. Whats better? Find out your customer goals and create digital experiences that help them win.

Case Study: How To Convert First Time Visitors Like Bombas

By Dan Weinsoft | 11 minute read

Only 0.25% of new visitors to your site will buy on their first visit. This past weekend, we bought something on our first visit to a new-to-us site and lived to write the Case Study about our experience.

Improve Online Revenues With These 36 Tests

By Jon MacDonald | 2 minute read

Running multiple tests to optimize your site, based on how your customers actually shop, is the best opportunity for improving online revenues, customers and leads.

7 Simple Ways Ecommerce Brands Can Frustrate Retailers

By Shaun Tinney | 4 minute read

Many ecommerce brands rely on their retail partners for the bulk of their annual revenue. Learn how to avoid upsetting those relationships by selling direct to consumer through a brand site.

The Paths Customers Take Through Your Site

By The Good | 3 minute read

The path to increased sales is through understanding that a customer’s journey through a website has nothing to do with the way that a company is organized.

The Top Challenges of Today’s CMO

By Jon MacDonald | 7 minute read

We surveyed some of the most knowledgeable voices in marketing to look deeper into the most complex challenges CMO’s face every day. This is what we learned.

8 Strategies That Will Help You Reduce Cart Abandonment

By David Hoos | 6 minute read

Your consumers are coming incredibly close to completing their transactions, only to rush away at the last minute. Fortunately, with the right tactics, you can drastically cut your cart abandonment rates.

The Essential Ecommerce Promotion Guide: 80 Tactics that Drive Online Sales

By The Good | 33 minute read

Running out of ecommerce promotion ideas? You’ve just discovered what could be the perfect solution. You see, there are two things online shoppers especially love: discounts and specials. Present the right offer to the right audience, and you can create a selling frenzy.

5 Best Ways to Use Videos on Your Ecommerce Site (Today)

By The Good | 10 minute read

Product videos are essential in ecommerce today. They bring brand storytelling to life, keep visitors informed, help answer common shopper questions, and most importantly, positively influence customer experience.

Writing Copy That Converts – The Secret is Out

By Jon MacDonald | 9 minute read

To get more sales and write copy that converts, follow these five landing page fundamentals. Make sure every word on the page helps your visitors get closer to a solution.

Creating a Personalized Customer Experience

By Jon MacDonald | 14 minute read

You love it when your local coffee shop barista remembers your name and knows exactly how you like your morning latte. Customers on your website are no different, and they now expect a personalized shopping experience.

Email List Growth: 5 Essential Tactics

By Jon MacDonald | 12 minute read

Email list growth is a proven means of generating revenue, but most companies do so at the expense of their site’s user experience. Here are 5 essential tactics for growing an email list without disrupting a site’s conversion rate.

How To Drive Conversions with Heatmaps

By Dan Weinsoft | 7 minute read

Heatmaps are only one tool in the conversion rate optimization toolbox, but for analyzing the behavior of your visitors, heatmaps lead to insights you can’t find using other methods.

What Do They Already Want?

By Shaun Tinney | 2 minute read

You cannot make your website successful, you can only make people who visit your website successful (at doing something they want to do).

Customer Experience: The Key To Successful Growth

By Jon MacDonald | 6 minute read

No matter how amazing and memorable your brand experience is, it is the customer’s experience that determines the success (and potential future growth) of your site.

Re-platforming: The Case For Starting Over

By Jon MacDonald | 3 minute read

“Weirdly, it’s almost easier to start from nothing, re-platform, and build up from there.” – Quote from a client of The Good

Micro-Conversions: Unlock Your True Conversion Rate

By The Good | 3 minute read

Conversion rate gives you the ability to measure how efficiently your website turns a visit into revenue or a sales lead, but should never be used as a key performance indicator without accounting for micro-conversions separately.

4 Keys to a Successful Website Redesign

By The Good | 3 minute read

Approaching the design and layout of a new ecommerce website is a difficult task that can quickly unravel by ignoring the most important stakeholder: the customer.

How To Make A Good FAQ Page

By Shaun Tinney | 3 minute read

A FAQ page is a true reflection of your customer service. If you’re going to have a FAQ, at least do it right.

How Brand Websites Kill Sales

By Jon MacDonald | 4 minute read

Digital is the easiest area for a brand to make mistakes, especially if the e-commerce experience falls under the marketing team’s responsibility.

Content Marketing: Unlock Your Organic Growth

By Neil Sniffen | 4 minute read

The most cost efficient marketing tool your brand has at its disposal is content marketing. It’s cheaper than almost all other marketing and advertising tools, it converts at a much higher rate, and it can be a primary driver of sales to your site.

Resolving to be Useful

By Neil Sniffen | 3 minute read

Being useful isn’t about being boring, it’s about providing an experience for your customers that is helpful and easy.

How to Make a Landing Page a Rainmaker

By Neil Sniffen | 3 minute read

Landing pages are too often the last picked member of the digital marketing team. But, by focusing on one thing, landing pages can become the digital marketing star.

Driving Sales Without Re-Platforming

By Shaun Tinney | 3 minute read

Brands may see a boost in sales after updating their e-commerce platform, but is the technology upgrade really responsible for the increase?

How To Increase Ecommerce Sales By 140%

By Shaun Tinney | 4 minute read

To increase ecommerce sales, the goals of the website must be focused on achieving the goals of the customer. Get a return by building a site your customers care about.

Why Site Speed Matters

By Neil Sniffen | 1 minute read

Having a fast e-commerce site is the difference between conversion and abandonment. Get on the fast track and give customers what they want, now.

Out-of-Stock Message – It’s Just Bad Timing

By The Good | 0 minute read

When is the best time to communicate “Out of Stock” to online customers? It’s definitely not after they’ve picked out a product and are ready to purchase. Watch this 15 second Instagram video to see why.