Premium Boat Manufacturer Increased Conversions by 66%

Learn about how performance boat manufacturer MasterCraft gained a conversion rate increase of 66% and realized 33:1 return on investment with The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™.

“It took their production line from having gaps in their schedule to selling out current year models and needing to take reservations for the following year.”
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conversion rate increase
revenue increase

The Overview

MasterCraft Boat Company is a world-renowned innovator, designer, manufacturer, and marketer of premium performance sport boats. The majority of MasterCraft boats are built custom for each customer making them a popular option for premium boat buyers.

The Problem

Buying a boat is a very high consideration purchase. They are often the opposite of impulse buys, especially when each one is custom made and can often take 6 months or more to receive.

And like many luxury products, MasterCraft was negatively impacted by the economic downturn. Before they engaged with The Good, they had several open slots in their production line and needed to optimize their site to recover opportunities for revenue. They needed to remove any barriers to this high consideration conversion.

The Good approached the problem by taking a deep dive look at Mastercraft’s website with our Stuck Report™ audit. Through our data driven research, we discovered that the boat builder tool was in need of significant improvements to it’s user experience.

In addition, the overall website was not mobile friendly, creating additional barriers for consumers, especially the younger crowd who was doing research for their parents. Finally, we discovered that some online leads were going “unclaimed” by dealers which were hurting conversions.

The Solution

As a result of the Stuck Report™ findings, and through a customized Conversion Growth Program™, The Good identified key areas for conversion improvement which included:

  • User experience design
  • Introduction of a mobile friendly site experience
  • Overhauling the boat-builder tool experience, allowing for tablet usage
  • Improving the online lead claim process for dealers

The process included rigorous user testing, experimentation, design iterations, and iterative site updates based on qualitative and quantitative scientific methods.

The Results

As a result of their engagement with The Good, MasterCraft saw a 33:1 return on investment, a 29% increase in revenue, and a 66% online conversion rate increase. This took their production line from having gaps in their schedule to selling out current year models and needing to take reservations for the following year.

How They Got There

The results we unlocked for MasterCraft are the direct result of the following services:

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