Digital Experience Optimization Program™

A custom program for ecommerce and product marketing teams that unlocks the full potential of your website, app, or digital product.

Hundreds of millions in additional revenue generated over 15+ years while optimizing for:

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A Customer Experience That Converts

DXO brings the pieces you need to complete an optimization puzzle and build a better digital product

Our team can amplify your impact with the tools, technique, and expertise that you just can’t find in a single hire.

Product marketing and ecommerce leaders rely on the DXO Program™ to:

Improve the look and feel of their website

Form a deepened understanding of customers

Build a valuable knowledge center for consumer insights

Create a culture of user-centered and data-backed decisions

Save time and resources by validating design decisions

Simplify decision-making by staying laser-focused on research, data, and goals

How does the Digital Experience Optimization Program™ work?

Your path to digital excellence starts with an audit

The Digital Experience Optimization Audit™ is a full-funnel analysis of your digital experience using methods like heatmap analysis, session recordings, and usability testing. The goal is to understand, thematically, the biggest barriers and opportunities.

In 3-4 weeks our team of experts performs the audit to diagnose your digital challenges and prescribe a solution.

Digital Experience Optimization Audit™ sample deliverables

The audit identifies what you need so we can build your perfect-fit DXO Program™

Armed with the insights from your audit, your DXO Program™ is custom built for your users, resources, and goals.

It includes everything you need (and nothing you don’t) for a high-performing optimization program. This could include strategic services like:

  • Roadmapping
  • On-site experimentation
  • Rapid prototyping and testing
  • Data-driven redesigns
  • Customer journey mapping

Here’s what your first 12 months on the DXO Program™ might look like

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The Digital Experience Optimization Program™ keeps you focused on what is proven to move the needle

The Good’s research expertise and fresh insight has made them a valuable partner.

Their recommendations have helped us move the needle on customer engagement and drive product growth.”

Aditya Lakshminarayan

Aditya Lakshminarayan

Product Marketing Manager

Adobe Cloud

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Having The Good come in allows you to validate your hypotheses, your thinking, and get an early read on whether you’re going in the right direction or not.

The case for change becomes a no-brainer. All the senior team needs to do is tick it off and say, ‘yes.’”


David Humber

Head of Conversion

The Telegraph

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The Good helped us get a deeper picture of our customer’s online behavior.

Ultimately, that helped us better serve them and led to big year-over-year online growth.”

Swiss Gear

Michael Pulichino

Managing Director

Swiss Gear

Swiss Gear

Who will I work with on the DXO Program™?

You get access to a dedicated pod of experts in key optimization disciplines

We’re a specialized consultancy, not a “do everything” agency. DXO is all we do.

You’re in good hands with our team of experts. Our skill sets and strategic thinking help us unlock results for clients.

Data Analytics

Digital Experience Strategy

Front-end Development

UX & Visual Design

Hone Their UX Research and Design Skills

Evaluative Research

Get Feedback & 1:1 Coaching from Experts

Generative Research

Product Planning

Project Management

Work with Key Tool Sets

Human-computer Interaction

The result of the Digital Experience Optimization Program™ is a better digital experience

But, don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our clients have to say about their experience.

Xerox Sees An 86.7% Increase In Return Visitor Conversions

See how Xerox increased return visitor conversions 86.7% on the Digital Experience Optimization Program™ with The Good.

munchkin case study

Munchkin Decreases Bounce Rate By Improving Mobile UX

Discover how Munchkin leveraged research-backed recommendations to decrease bounce rate and improve customer engagement with The Good’s DXO Program™.

The Economist Increases Paid Subscriptions by 5%

See how The Economist increased paid subscriptions by 5% on the Digital Experience Optimization Program™.

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Klean Kanteen
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Ready to discuss details?

We’ll know if it’s a good mutual fit after just one call.

Testing Plan

User-centered Optimization Practices

Improved Website Performance

Research & Data Analysis

Ongoing Strategic Advisement

A general practitioner isn’t going to solve your digital experience challenges. You need a team of experts to diagnose and prescribe a solution.

Every Digital Experience Optimization Program™ starts with an introductory call to see if it’s a good mutual fit. Let’s talk!



reduction in cancellations



return on investment



increase in return visitor conversions

Just getting started with optimization and unsure where you need support?

Assess your program with a personalized 5-Factors Scorecard™

Based on insights from the top product marketing and ecommerce teams. 18 questions, 1 custom action plan to find high-leverage opportunities for improvement.


More likely to Rank “Excellent” in Customer Satisfaction (NPS)

Satisfaction across the 5 factors means measurable business outcomes*

*industry leaders surveyed 2023


More likely to exceed Annual Performance Targets

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