Inbound Marketing, Advertising, or CRO: Which is Most Important?

By The Good
1 minute read | Last Updated: December 26, 2017

Between inbound marketing, paid ads, and conversion optimization, it can be hard to know where to start. Consider this approach.

Inbound marketing is gaining ground on outbound marketing, but both have one major challenge: If your traffic doesn’t convert (no matter how you get that traffic) it pays you nothing.

A huge spike in the number of visitors may draw a cheer from the marketing team, but unless there’s a corresponding uptick in sales, it’s going to draw hard questions from the C-suite.

In today’s marketing reality, return on investment and bottom line sales are the only things that matter in the end. If the cost of the traffic you’re getting isn’t justified by the sales that traffic generates, you won’t have a job long.

It really is that simple.

But how do you make sure the traffic you’ve worked so hard to acquire is the source of a steady stream of blockbuster revenue?

That’s where conversion rate optimization (CRO) comes in.

In this white paper, we’ll give you the facts you need to show your CMO exactly what’s lacking in your current strategy and how to fix it.

Here’s our code word: “frictionless.”

In this white paper we cover:

  • Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing: which is best?
  • How CRO solidifies inbound and outbound marketing efforts
  • Inbound marketing stats
  • Outbound marketing stats
  • Conversion rate optimization stats
  • CRO case studies: real results from companies who proved the value of CRO to ROI

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