A/B & Multivariate Testing

Understand your visitor’s
preferences, goals, and behaviors.


Our testing services help you improve conversions by collecting data necessary to make informed decisions.


To get a website to convert, it must be based on your visitor’s actual clicks and movements, not just a pretty design.

That is where our A/B & Multivariate Testing services come in.

We test and validate key areas of your website based on your visitor’s actions, so you can quickly start improving conversions and sales right away.



Our specialized testing process is based on your visitor’s actual clicks and movements, so you can understand your visitor’s preferences, goals, and behaviors.


Research & Data Analysis

Testing Plan

Test, Validate
& Iterate


1. Research & Data Analysis

The most effective, high-converting sites serve the user’s needs first. This is why it all starts and ends with your website data such as your visitor’s clicks and movements.

Data helps us better understand why these visitors are dropping off and not converting. It also identifies anomalies and patterns so we can take advantage of conversion opportunities that are currently being ignored on your website.

2. Testing Plan

Based on findings and your goals, a customized testing plan of improvements is developed for your website.

The plan includes priority order & timing for enhancements and hypotheses for testing & experimentation.

3. Test, Validate & Iterate

We build and then run a set of multiple test variations to ensure the highest conversions.

Our specialized process of test validation and iteration cycles allows for the creation of website experiences that make your website more engaging, intentional, and easier to navigate – resulting in higher conversions and sales.

4. Optimize with our Conversion Growth Program™

Visitor habits are constantly changing. To combat this, we also offer an on-going conversion optimization solution to optimize and iterate specific areas of the newly launched site.

We call this our Conversion Growth Program™, and it helps you increase, grow and sustain website conversions.



revenue increase



revenue increase



revenue increase



revenue increase

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mobile increase


We average a 9:1 ROI for our customers.

But don’t just take our word for it…



conversion rate increase

“The Conversion Growth Program™ increased our conversion rate by 94%.”Stephen Lease, Director of Digital Marketing, Easton Sports
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Hear from Stephen Lease, Director of Digital Marketing, about how Easton grew online sales 240% with The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™.

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