Klean Kanteen Realizes an 80% Mobile Revenue Increase with the Conversion Growth Program™

Klean Kanteen

“Klean Kanteen saw an improved overall user experience, a reduction in support inquiries through improved site support content, and ultimately, an 80% increase in mobile ecommerce revenues.”

Key Results

mobile revenue

Reduction in support inquiries

Klean Kanteen

The Overview

Klean Kanteen introduced the first stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottle in 2004. Today, they produce a full line of durable stainless steel solutions to replace toxic plastic and displace single-use container pollution.

The Problem

When Klean Kanteen approached The Good about improving their website, they were using a proprietary ecommerce platform that was hard to update. Their site was not mobile friendly, had a poor user experience, and was not optimized for conversions.

The Solution

Initially, Klean Kanteen completed The Good’s complimentary Stuck Score™assessment to identify broad growth opportunities.

After the initial assessment, The Good completed a deep dive audit with our Stuck Report™. This provided a more comprehensive list of opportunities across the site and highlighted strategic areas for improvement. This list included:

  • Product Detail Page Improvements
  • Content Strategy Improvements
  • Improving User Experience
  • Introducing a Mobile Friendly Responsive Site
  • Migration to the Shopify Ecommerce Platform

After identifying these key areas for improvement with the Stuck Report™, Klean Kanteen began our Conversion Growth Program™.

The Conversion Growth Program™ is our unique data driven process that improves website usability, reduces cart abandonment, and makes it easier to convert. This in turn helps increase revenues by removing roadblocks and other conversion killers on your website.

The Results

As a result of our research driven improvements, Klean Kanteen saw an improved overall user experience, a reduction in support inquiries through improved site support content, and ultimately, they saw an 80% increase in mobile ecommerce revenues.

How They Got There

Klean Kanteen saw these impressive results as the direct result of the following services:

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