Engineering Growth: How Making a Small Bet on Conversion Will Give You a Greater ROI

By The Good
2 minute read | Last Updated: November 28, 2017

At times, it can be difficult for ecommerce leaders to understand the value of conversion rate optimization. It’s challenging for them to make the connection between A/B testing a sales page and a jump in the overall revenue. When you make the case for it, some might say, “Why not spend that time and money on making sales calls or hiring more staff? How will testing various purchase buttons or product pages contribute to our main goals?”

These objections usually evaporate when people see the results of increased conversion rates. They may not understand why adding reviews to a page increases sales, but they certainly can see the value of more profits with the same costs.

CRO is especially helpful and important for companies who are on the verge of big growth but find themselves strapped for resources. Unlike most growth activities, which are heavy on resources, optimizing conversion rates primarily requires time and creativity. It doesn’t require do or die risks and it can be the thing that pushes a company to the next level of growth.

No new products need be developed, no new ad budgets must be approved. It’s simply a matter of gathering data, forming hypotheses, testing those hypotheses, and then making small, incremental improvements that add up to big results.

If you want to engineer growth in your company, you can do it in big, splashy, expensive ways, with branding campaigns and flashy new products. Or you can do it the less sexy, often more effective way with CRO.

In this white paper we cover:

  • How CRO Will Increase Your Revenue
    • How It Helps Manage Your Costs
    • How It Helps You to Differentiate
    • How Your Conversions Will Grow Faster Than Your Costs
  • How CRO is Budget Friendly
    • You Can Buy More Traffic For Less
    • The Virtuous Cycle Of CRO
  • CRO Proves Its Worth

and more…

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