Improve Online Revenues With These 36 Tests

Running multiple tests to optimize your site, based on how your customers actually shop, is the best opportunity for improving online revenues, customers and leads.

Running live tests on your site is the best way to test what changes will improve online revenues, resonate with your customers, and what will do neither. The key to success is trying different tests to optimize your site based on how your customers actually shop.

The 36 tests in the infographic below come from our eight plus years of experience improving online revenues, customers and leads for brands large and small.

Why Tests?

We call these tests or experiments because every change to your website should be considered temporary until there is analytics data with statistical significance to support making the change permanent. That data should point to improved online revenues.

Download the infographic as a high resolution PDF here:

36 Tests to Improve Online Revenues

 Download the infographic as a high resolution PDF here: The-Good-Infographic-36-Tests-to-Improve-Online-Revenues.pdf

We’ve broken the 36 tests down into five categories: Sitewide, Homepage, Product Category, Product Page and Cart Page.

Sitewide Tests

These test ideas can be tried on any page of your site. They include ensuring your contact information is easy to find, using personalization for custom offers, or even changing the search bar appearance, and more.

Homepage Tests

Your homepage is the most important place to help your customers get started down the purchase funnel. This includes displaying your top selling products or services prominently, pausing (or removing) your homepage image slider, or trying different variations of your brand’s value proposition, and more.

Product Category Tests

Run these tests to dial in the right mix of content and organization for your customers. Try experimenting with some of our suggested experiments such as altering category naming conventions, using larger images, or personalization to display more relevant categories.

Product Page Tests

These tests will help you put the right content in the right places to help your customers buy. Our clients have seen improved online revenues through testing the removal of social sharing icons, modifying lengths of product description copy, providing a back-in-stock inventory signup option, and more.

Cart Page Tests

Use these tests to help keep your customers on track with an optimized checkout flow. Improved online revenues come from testing some of the following examples: a single page checkout, remove or hiding a coupon code field, and presenting an exit intent popup.

The Key To Improved Online Revenues

Running multiple tests to optimize your site, based on how your customers actually shop, is the best opportunity for improving online revenues, customers and leads.

Let the tests battle it out in the octagon of your customer’s web browser, and the winning tests will provide the key to improved online revenues.

The Good President Jon MacDonald
About the author: Jon MacDonald is founder and President of The Good, a conversion rate optimization firm that has achieved results for some of the largest online brands including Adobe, Nike, Xerox, Verizon, Intel and more. Jon regularly contributes content on conversion optimization to publications like Entrepreneur and Inc. He knows how to get visitors to take action.

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