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Powered by over a decade of industry-leading conversion rate optimization, research, and strategy, our services deliver an average 9:1 ROI.



reduction in cancellations



return on investment



increase in return visitor conversions

A Customer Experience That Converts

We live in the sweet spot where data and design overlap

At The Good, we have the rare balance of data-driven strategy and beautiful design skills to build you a customer experience that converts.

If you want to grow your business, improve the user experience, and drive conversions, you're in the right place.

First, we help you understand why users aren’t converting

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Our toolset measures user activities on your website.

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Using site data, we dive into your customer's behaviors.

Competitive Research

We find best-in-class examples of the strategies you're missing.

User Research

In-depth user research helps us understand your customer.

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Customer Surveys

We conduct primary research on what is or isn't working.

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Journey Mapping

Expert-led workshops outline the customer experience.

Then, we build a strategic roadmap to fix it

A/B Testing

Learn what on-site experiences result in conversions.

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Multivariate Testing

Find the right combination of elements to drive growth.

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Distill learnings into a clear roadmap to success.

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User Experience

Optimizing the user experience is our specialty.

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Validate design elements before you invest in development.

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Access design and development experts to help experiment.

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Key insights and learnings are extracted from every iteration on our work.


We teach you how to build a successful optimization program.

What does that look like in action?

Conversion Growth Program™

A fully managed optimization and experimentation service for companies with 50K+ monthly visitors.

Includes data analysis, research, testing, reporting, and advisement

Month-to-month engagement, cancel anytime

Average investment: $120K+ annually

Comprehensive Conversion Audit™

An end-to-end audit of your website and customer journey that identifies high potential opportunities for optimization with actionable recommendations.

Includes analysis and review of multi-device funnel evaluation, user testing, heatmaps, and session recordings

Comprehensive report (often 100+ pages) and readout

Engagements start at $30,000

“The Good’s research expertise and fresh insight has made them a valuable partner.

Their recommendations have helped us move the needle on customer engagement and drive product growth.”

Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Document Cloud

Data-Driven Redesign

Put a laser focus on real user behaviors to design a website that converts before you invest in development.

Includes user experience review, data analysis, a custom roadmap, and wireframing

Branded designs that are proven to resonate with and drive conversions from your target audience

Engagements start at $75,000

Conversion Research & Consulting

Custom conversion optimization and customer experience optimization engagements for enterprise brands.

Fully managed roadmapping, workshops, user testing, analysis, and more

Discover what’s stopping users at key points on the customer journey and in the conversion funnel

Custom engagements, pricing varies

Small Business Optimization

Our optimization services are ideal for companies with $2M+ annual revenue, significant web traffic and development resources to implement design changes.

For small businesses looking to execute data-backed optimization, we own UserInput and Commerce Critiques.

The Good's Optimization Experts

Your go-to team of optimization experts

We are a team of optimization experts with unique, niche specialties. Our skill sets and strategic thinking help us unlock huge results for clients. When you partner with The Good, you get a team of experts including:

UX Strategists




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We know your technology

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Google Analytics
Shopify plus
Visual Website Optimizer

Convert – VWO – Adobe Target – Hotjar – Google Analytics – Fullstory – Adobe Analytics – UserTesting
Shopify Plus – Magento – Salesforce Commerce – WooCommerce – SAP Commerce – Kameleoon – and many more…

And we’ve delivered results for businesses like yours




increase in online revenue




increase in enrollment

Lead Generation



increase in YoY net revenue




increase in subscription conversions




increase in return visitor conversions



increased donations through empathy and understanding

And more...


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