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The Good Book Covers: Opting In To Optimization and Stop Marketing, Start Selling

Opting in to Optimization

This set of principles will help ecommerce leaders capitalize on unprecedented market demand and build sustainable, thriving businesses that can weather unexpected economic storms. Available in printe-book, and audio format.

Stop Marketing Start Selling

This comprehensive resource shares the philosophy, process, and tactics that companies need to create content that converts, win more loyal customers, and build websites that stand the test of time. Available in print and e-book format.

Google Optimize Replacement

How to Strategically Identify a Google Optimize Replacement

We collected thinking from our A/B testing experts to bring you a fresh POV on the deprecation of Google Optimize. Available as a free e-book.

How to Conduct Customer Research to Improve Customer Experience

Everything you need to know about turning customer research into real brand opportunities. Includes templates for a one-page research plan and conducting 1:1 customer interviews. Available as a free e-book.

Email Marketing - E-Book Feature Image

A Guide to Email Marketing For Ecommerce Businesses

A playbook for every ecommerce business on how to turn email marketing into your greatest strength. Includes best-in-class examples for the entire email buyer journey. Available as a free e-book.

feature photo - Everything You Need To Know About Building A Product Page That Converts

Everything You Need To Know About Building A Product Page That Converts

The ultimate book on optimizing your ecommerce product page. Learn why your page isn’t converting, how to optimize key elements, and strategies for increasing AOV. Available as a free e-book.

e-book feature image - optimizing checkout

The Guide To Optimizing Your Checkout And Post-Purchase Experience

The ecommerce guide to optimizing the checkout and post-purchase experience. Highlights include strategies for recovering abandoned carts, when to cross-sell and upsell, and how to measure your efforts. Available as a free e-book.

How to Audit Your Ecommerce Website to Improve Conversions

An in-depth guide to running a DIY conversion optimization audit. It covers fundamental strategies [and checklists] for auditing key website pages including your homepage, category page, product page, and more. Available as a free e-book.

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