No Silver Bullets: Why a Structured Testing Process is the Best Way to Drive Sustained Growth

By The Good
2 minute read | Last Updated: August 28, 2017

A structured testing process is key to long-term revenue gains. Like small retirement account deposits, consistent steady improvements in your website compound and lead to strong sustained growth.

We often treat A/B testing like miracle weight loss cures. We think that if we can discover the silver bullet, we’ll unlock crazy, stratospheric results. If we can find the right button color or opt-in field or images, we’ll tap into a goldmine of ecommerce revenue.

We search for massive overnight growth of viral proportions – the kind of growth that can instantly make us rich and famous, a legend amongst marketers.

In the back of our minds, we know that weight loss pills don’t work, but we don’t apply the same rigorous logic to A/B testing. We believe that if we can stumble upon the right “hack”, we can achieve meteoric growth overnight.

The true ticket to sustainable growth is making incremental improvements to site usability. Click To Tweet

Sensational stories spread about how changing a single button on a website can generate $300 million in additional revenue for a website, and before long we’re all searching for the same kind of Holy Grail of hacks.

But the reality is, this kind of colossal growth is rare. Yes, occasionally companies unlock $300 million insights, but this is a highly unusual occurrence. The true ticket to long term sustainable growth is making incremental improvements that improve site usability for your target audience. This type of big growth is slow, steady, and persistent.


structured testing process

In the end, searching for the perfect growth-hack will take far more time and business resources than simply following a structured testing process that makes iterative data validated improvements. Often, ecommerce managers spend so much time guessing what might work that they end up making little or no progress.

Plus, they end up jumping too quickly from solution to solution without spending the time necessary to evaluate the results. Instead of digging through the data to find out why something did or didn’t work, they simply move to the next test, hoping that it will be the golden ticket.

The truth is, intuition and gut feelings are rarely correct. To truly achieve meaningful growth, you need a structured testing process. It’s not enough to make changes based on your gut, especially when the tools and resources are available today that can help you validate whether your gut is right or wrong.

To truly achieve meaningful growth, you need a structured testing process. Click To Tweet

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