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How To Make A Compelling Case For CRO In Your Budget

By The Good
2 minute read | Last Updated: October 30, 2017

Your chances of getting an increase in your CRO budget are much higher if you can highlight the bottom-line results. Here’s how to do that.

CRO is still in the process of proving its worth to the mainstream, which means that many top executives are a bit skeptical of its value. Unlike a more familiar marketing technique such as AdWords, which has an obvious and direct connection to the bottom line, CRO can seem a bit abstract. The idea that improving conversion rates by just a few percentage points can dramatically improve revenue seems far-fetched.

There is good news, however. CRO speaks the language of the CFO. In the end, CRO is about metrics, testing, and hard data, all leading to a boost in the bottom line and a measurable return on investment (ROI). It’s not about guesswork, “visionary” branding, or the current hottest trend in marketing. The CFO might not understand iterative testing, but they certainly understand increasing revenue with minimal costs and a high ROI.

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When trying to make a compelling case for increasing your CRO budget, your overarching goal is to show them what has already been achieved and how much more could be accomplished simply by expanding CRO into other areas. Remember, this is about results. If you can demonstrate past results and then realistically project them into the future, you have a good chance of getting executives on board with CRO increases.

Numbers speak much louder than jargon and buzzwords. Leadership ultimately thinks in terms of ROI, profit/loss, and market share. CRO is a powerful way to increase revenue without a significant increase in costs. Always bring your pitch back to these core concepts.

Optimization is about data, hypotheses, testing, and conclusions. It’s probably the closest thing to the scientific method in the business world. Your chances of getting an increase in your CRO budget are much higher if you can highlight the bottom-line results.

In this white paper we cover:

  • Understanding the executive perspective
  • Bringing clarity about CRO
  • Showing leadership the competition
  • Explaining the value of improving user experience
  • Revealing the fresh opportunities in the existing strategies
  • Presenting executives with revenue gains
  • and more…

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