A Better Way to Redesign Your Site

By The Good
1 minute read | Last Updated: March 7, 2016

A simple mathematical law can help you design intelligently and spend effectively.

If you’re in charge of managing your company’s digital presence, the process of redesigning your website every few years is probably getting old. Well, we’ve got some great news: there are much more intelligent and effective ways to spend your time and budgets than constantly putting your site out for RFP.

Normally when a site gets too frustrating for customers or content editors to use, the system gets blamed and the redesign process begins. Fortunately, because of a statistical concept called “Zipf’s Law”, you can improve 90% of your site performance, usability, and content-related issues by understanding just the top 10% of its problems.

Our Discovery and User Research process is designed to uncover your most important business, customer, and content-related needs; providing the strategy and guidance to constantly improve your site with a measurable return on spending. So next time the site overhaul chatter starts, give us a call instead.

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