Top Usability Testing Tools: The Complete List (80 Tools)

If you want to see an exhaustive list of usability testing platforms in one location, you’ve found the right place.

We reviewed hundreds of free and paid tools built to help improve your website usability.

The list below contains the most valuable of tools we discovered, and use every day as part of our conversion rate optimization and data-validated redesign services.

You can filter through the list to find the best usability & testing tools for you.

If you’re running your own testing program and need help generating winning test ideas for your site, be sure to check out our list of 50+ Innovative A/B Testing Ideas.

I want usability tools that help with:

  1. A/B Testing
  2. Analytics
  3. Browser Compatibility Testing
  4. Eye Tracking
  5. Heatmaps
  6. Page Load Time
  7. Surveys
  8. Technical Diagnostics
  9. Usability
  10. User Testing
  11. Uptime Monitoring
  12. Visitor Recording
  13. Voice of the Customer

I want tools that are:

  1. Free
  2. Paid
  3. Freemium

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  1. Recommended


Analytics Paid Recommended

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool suite capable of pretty much any task connected to backlink, keyword, and competitive research. It boasts the biggest live backlink index on the web (with 15 trillion links) and the biggest keyword database (with 4.3 billion keywords) in over 100 countries.

There are dozens of instruments integrated in Ahrefs, but the main ones in Ahrefs’ arsenal are:
Site Explorer - you can find all the backlinks pointing to any page or website, analyze broken links, see top performing content of any site and all its links, etc...
Keywords Explorer - a powerhouse for analyzing search terms and generating thousands of relevant keyword ideas.
Content Explorer - search any topic and find the content that performed best in terms of shares and backlinks.

There is a 14-day trial of any paid plan so you can go ahead and test all of the exclusive features.


Browser Compatibility Testing Free

Do you want to know how your site renders on different browsers? With Browsershots, you don’t need to keep each browser version on your computer and test one-by-one. Enter the URL once and choose the browser types you want to view. The tool provides screenshots to show you how your page renders on each. Browsershots also offers access to a web design gallery and icon search engine. You’ll need to sidestep abundant ads, but this tool can be a real timesaver for developers and website managers.


Browser Compatibility Testing Paid

Are you ready to go beyond screenshots and view websites as if you were actually using the browsers you want to test? Browserstack is a virtual browser testing tool that allows live viewing. The service also maintains a list of the most important mobile devices to test based on popularity, screen size, launch year, and more. Can you believe there are over 1100 desktop browser versions to test? This tool is free of ads and offers a 30-minute complimentary trial.


Technical Diagnostics Freemium

Bugs are the bane of all development activities. With this handy tool, you can automatically collect diagnostics and monitor your work for application errors. A huge plus is Bugsnag’s ability to group errors by severity of impact. That helps your team stay focused on the most important problems and not major in the minors. Many times, those incidental errors clear themselves when the larger items are cleared. Bugsnag promises a three-minute install and just a few lines of code. Get started for free, then move to Pro when you’re ready for more.


Technical Diagnostics Usability Free

Here’s a quick and easy way to make sure the colors you choose for your website provide the degree of contrast required by viewers with a color vision impairment. These tests will assess your standing in light of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendations.

ClickHeat by Dugwood

Heatmaps Free

If you’ve been hoping to find an OpenSource software solution to preparing visual heatmaps, here’s the tool. ClickHeat is now available via the Github community under a GPL license. The team promises you won’t experience any problems with server loading from this tool’s deployment. A demo is available for registered users. Heatmaps for free? That’s tough to beat.


Analytics Heatmaps Visitor Recording Paid

Clicktale bills itself as the “Leader in Experience Analytics.” Through a combination of applied psychology, cognitive computing, and visualization, the tool provides enterprise customers with a deeper look at site visitor intent, path analytics, and business impact. Clicktale customers include Adobe, Walmart, and Microsoft. Will Clicktale work for you? Book a demo to find out.


Analytics Uptime Monitoring Freemium

Are you fed up with Google Analytics? Maybe you think Google knows plenty already, or you don’t want to be overwhelmed with information? Clicky could be your answer. Clicky provides heatmaps based on mouse clicks for each page, uptime monitoring, and as much detail as you want. You also get uptime monitoring. Over one million websites use Clicky Web Analytics right now. This tool has been around for years, and it just keeps getting better.


Heatmaps Visitor Recording Paid

The brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Neil Patel, Crazy Egg is a heatmap and visitor-origination tool. Crazy Egg walks the talk with its user-friendly design. The tool is simple to set up, and you can get a 30-day free trial to see if it’s right for you.


Browser Compatibility Testing Paid

You want to be sure your website displays properly on different browsers and platform. You look great on Safari, how about the Chrome browser? Usability is high on desktop, but will it serve users well on mobile? Browser testing isn’t complicated, but it can be time-consuming. With the CrossBrowserTesting tool, you can run parallel tests across over 1,500 browsers and devices. You can even take screenshots automatically as the testing proceeds. There are several pricing levels, and you can get a free 7-day trial.


Voice of the Customer Paid

Ethnio positions itself as “advanced UX research management.” One way that mission is accomplished is by real-time requests to website visitors to give them the option of participating in a study. From there, you can conduct in-person interviews, send them to an online platform (, for instance), send them to a survey, set up remote UX testing, or ask them to participate in a customer panel. Many people enjoy providing an opinion, and Ethnio helps you leverage that desire for user research. You can get a free 14-day trial, then choose from a selection of plans.


Eye Tracking Usability Paid

Feng-GUI allows you to design effective visuals by getting instant feedback on your designs at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional eye-tracking. This automated testing tool simulates human vision to predict how visitors will interact with your design. Reports advise you on strengths and weaknesses of the current layout. Would we recommend an automated tool for your entire testing protocol? Definitely not. Could it provide useful and cost-effective feedback? You bet. Get a free glimpse of how it works with the GazePlot Report.

Five Second Test by Usability Hub

Usability User Testing Freemium

First impressions matter… especially online. If you don’t catch the attention of your visitors within the first five seconds, you probably won’t keep them for six. Usability Hub shows your home page, landing pages, logo… or any other marketing design to testers. They’re allowed to view the screen for five seconds, then they must answer questions about what they saw. You get to see all the responses – plus a word cloud that draws out common terms describing those first impressions. UsabilityHub provides a free, limited option and several price tiers.


Heatmaps Visitor Recording Freemium

It’s pretty, it’s customizable, and it drills down to catch every move a visitor makes on your website. FullStory provides pixel-pefect in-depth session recordings and other analytics tools to help you understand your customers better. Deliverables include a clickmap, point-and-click element inspections, and integration with other apps you may be using – like Google Analytics, Trello, and Snap. Page Insights provide real-time data on what attracts and doesn’t attract users. You’ll have to see it to believe it. There’s a free, limited version. You can also opt for Pro or Enterprise status. Check it out with the full-access 14-day free trial.

Google Analytics

Analytics Freemium Recommended

Here’s one tool where the free version gives you as much (maybe more) than you can handle. Google puts plenty of focus on their flagship analytics tool, keeping it one step ahead of the crowd. One thing you may not realize is that Google offers extensive training (free) for this tool. You can become an analytics expert. Get going with that right here: Google Analytics Academy. Step up to the paid version when you’re ready.

Google Forms

Surveys Free

This Google tool allows you to build surveys, manage registrations, take opinion polls, create pop quizzes… you name it. Combine the versatility of Google Forms with the considerable integration possibilities it offers, and you’ve got a winner. Design the form you want, and get analytics to boot. You can find out more about the platform and how to use it in the G Suite Learning Center.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Browser Compatibility Testing Free

If you still doubt the importance of making your website perform well on mobile, you may be the last person on the planet still clinging to that idea. Mobile is hot, and the tide’s not turning anytime soon. Not too many years ago, there may have been reason to hold off on the investment necessary to make your site mobile-friendly, but those days are long past. The Google Mobile-Friendly test allows you to rest assured your online presence is easy to use on a mobile device. You simply enter the URL you want to test and wait ten or so seconds for the results. Easy, valuable, and free. Here’s where to find out more about mobile-friendly websites: Google mobile info.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Page Load Time Technical Diagnostics Free Recommended

Page load time is critical for usability, yet it’s one of the most overlooked and misunderstood metrics of all. Today’s online shoppers don’t like to wait. Keep them at bay for more than a few seconds, and they’re gone. Developers will tell you speed of loading requires a critical dance of resources and tactics. This is a test to run regularly, and Google makes it easy. It also provides suggestions on how to optimize loading for your site. Whether you use Google’s tool or another platform, this is critical to UX. Don’t overlook it.


Page Load Time Technical Diagnostics Freemium

Are you looking for a non-Google tool, or do you want a second opinion on the results from PageSpeed Insights? Here’s a good option. The features are the same. You’ll still get page load time (fully loaded) and recommendations on how to improve your results. And if you need help, the team is on standby to lend a hand. One cool feature with GTmetrix is the option to make a page load video to analyze with the team. It’s way cool. A Pro package provides additional reports, API credits, and priority access to testing. Check this one out. It’s a number one pick.

Heatmaps Usability Freemium

Get a virtual heatmap of your site without tracking visitors or installing code. This tool uses an algorithm to make predictions based on site elements. As with Feng-GUI, we wouldn’t bet the business solely on results you get here, but it does provide a machine-generated look at your layout and graphics. This tool also has an A/B test function. Free for limited use. Get more analyses and email support with paid versions.

Heatmaps Freemium

This tool specializes in real-time analytics. You get to watch how users are interacting with your site any time you choose. Are users trying to click on things that aren’t linked? Are they finding and using the links you want them to click? You must install a javascript tag to implement the tracking, but according to on-site instructions, you shouldn’t suffer any loss of page load speed.


Heatmaps Surveys Visitor Recording Paid Recommended

Billing itself as “one powerful solution,” Hotjar appears to live up to that claim. It provides various heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analysis, feedback forms, surveys, tester recruitment, and dropoff tracking to help with your conversion funnel. You can try Hotjar free for 15 days. After that, pricing depends on the number of daily pageviews you want to track.


Heatmaps Usability Visitor Recording Paid

This is another tool that provides heatmaps, visitor recordings, and video analysis, but it charges by the number of sites you monitor. Pageviews are unlimited. Analytics and reports look impressive. Hoverowl is definitely a tool to check in your search for conversion optimization platforms. You can get 14-day trial free, and subscriptions start at an attractive rate.


Analytics Heatmaps User Testing Visitor Recording Freemium

You can’t beat the tagline, “Google Analytics tells you what, Inspectlet tells you why,” and it’s tough to argue against an app that boasts users like eBay, Shopify, and ABC. It’s a full-function tool, too. You get heatmaps, session recordings, traffic analytics, trends, form analytics, and targeting advice. The amazing thing about Inspectlet is the inclusion of a free plan. It allows only 100 recorded sessions per month, but it includes more than just the bare bones features. You can push your subscription up to over one million pageviews per month, and enterprise options are available. We don’t see a good reason not to try Inspectlet when you’re shopping for a UX performance tool.


Voice of the Customer Paid

This is an enterprise-level tool that collects and analyzes customer feedback to inform your marketing strategy. iPerceptions uses “advanced engagement technologies” to get feedback from customers at critical points along the sales path. If you want to know more about what your visitors are thinking and why the do what they do, iPerceptions can help.


Usability Paid

This tool specializes in helping app development teams run usability tests on their prototypes. Koncept goes a step further, though, it actually provides a platform for prototype development. If Android or iOS app building is part of your business, then Koncept could be a huge help along the way.


Analytics Heatmaps Usability Visitor Recording Paid

This tool is team-friendly, and it makes usability testing simple. Loop11 also offers a testing interface for accessibility. You can work in over 40 languages, get heatmaps and clickstream analyses, create multiple tests, watch videos of user-testing sessions, test mobile on mobile devices, and create custom themes. A 14-day free trial gives you up to three tests before you need to commit to a monthly plan.

Lucky Orange

Analytics Heatmaps Surveys Visitor Recording Voice of the Customer Paid

At the available pricing, there’s no reason for any company to not be doing UX testing. With Lucky Orange, you can watch visitor interactions with your site in real time. Let’s say you observe someone getting ready to check out, but that person decides to abandon the cart. This tool allows you to rewind the selections made up to that point and look for clues. Not only that, but you can ask the visitor to join you in a chat to find out what went wrong. Get visitor recordings, heatmaps, chat, conversion funnels, form analytics, and visitor polls… for ten bucks a month! Skeptical? Take the 7-day free trial and check it out.


Analytics Paid Recommended

Lytics helps enterprises automate personalized marketing experiences through the industry’s most advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP). Popular retailing, media, consumer goods, banking, and tech brands use Lytics to execute one-to-one marketing programs that their customers welcome.


Analytics Free Paid

Discover how real users interact with your InVision prototype: define missions, collect actionable insights and analyze how your design performed, with 0 line of code.

Mechanical Turk

Usability User Testing Paid

Are you looking for testers to provide feedback on your new site design? Need someone to transcribe a video? Looking for quick A/B feedback on a new call to action? Amazon’s Mechanical Turk provides a way to get that done quickly and cost-effectively by giving you access to an on-demand workforce. You create the HIT (human intelligence task) and the turkers take care of it. This is way worth checking out.


A/B Testing Analytics Usability Freemium

If you’re looking for product analytics that go deep, this tool digs right down to the bottom line. Find out how visitors are engaging with your application, measure retention, send push notifications, do funnel analysis and repair, perform A/B tests, get to know more about your visitors, and automatically collect information. Incredibly, Mixpanel provides a free version alongside the tiered paid accounts. Check it out.


User Testing Paid

This TechSmith tool is the gold standard for secure in-house usability testing. You control the data – since Morae is a software product, not SaaS. Morae records audio, video, on-screen activity, keyboard activity, and mouse movements/clicks while users are interacting with your website. Afterwards, standard metrics are automatically calculated for you, and deep-dive metrics you set up on your own are yours to uncover. Share with your team. Learn from the test. Then test again. You can get a 30-day free trial before committing.


Heatmaps Voice of the Customer Freemium

It’s another tool that provides heatmaps, funnel studies, form analysis, and customer feedback. Before you yawn, though, take a look at the customers Mouseflow serves – companies like Costco, NBC, Microsoft, and HubSpot. There’s gotta be something to it. What’s different about this tool? You can find out by starting with a free account, or you can plunge in and grab the Pro version and count on the 30-day moneyback guarantee to back you up if Mouseflow turns out to not be for you.


Heatmaps Surveys Freemium

If you’re looking for heatmaps, MouseStats has them: click heatmaps, eye-tracking heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, attention heatmaps, and design-your-own heatmaps. On top of all that, this tool provides what’s billed as “the lightest survey gadget ever.” By combining your data observations with customer direct feedback, you complete the circle and boost the accuracy of your findings. Throw in form analytics, and you’ve got MouseStats. This is another power-packed platform with a free option.


Analytics Freemium

It’s been a favorite of SEO practitioners for years, but Moz keeps pushing towards SEO for everyone. There are two main functions. First is Moz Pro, the pure SEO tool bin to help with keyword research, link building, site audits, and page metadata optimization. Alongside that is Moz Local. That part helps local businesses get more incoming links by registering with appropriate indexing sites. The big guns are reserved for paid customers, but some of the power of Moz is available free. There’s also a 30-day free trial to help you decide whether Moz is right for you.

Mr. Tappy

User Testing Paid

This tool is a camera set-up that allows you to record mobile users as they interact with your website or app. That’s it. You get a webcam, stackable arms, magnetic base, and mounting accessories. An in-browser viewer compliments the system, allowing you to see the user looking at the screen. It’s simple and effective.

Notable by ZURB

Usability Paid

Designers no longer have to work in solitary, thanks to Notable. It’s built for teamwork, allowing input from others at every step along the way. This tool sets up a virtual project management site for creatives, and it encourages collaboration. Who cares? Well, companies like Google, eBay, and Stripe think Notable is a good idea. Your design team may too. Start with a 14-day free trial, then talk to the boss.


A/B Testing Surveys Paid

Omniconvert is a suite that integrates three major aspects of conversion – web personalization, surveys, and A/B testing – into one compact and complete conversion optimization solution. The software is designed to help businesses understand their consumers while significantly enhancing their conversion rate simultaneously.

Omniconvert provides businesses and consumers the bridge they need to improve conversion. Surveys enable clients to voice out and send feedback which gives business high-value quality insights that they use to implement data-driven optimization processes. With interaction with the right types of audiences and delivering messages that matter, Omniconvert is now the conversion optimization tool of choice for many international brands, including Avon, T-Mobile, and Meli Melo to name a few.

Optimal Workshop

Usability Freemium

With the aim of helping you make design decisions with greater confidence, Optimal Workshop is a suite of usability tools focused on site navigation, UX of your architecture, dialing down to look at crucial clicks, drawing out the data, and more. Users include Netflix, The New York Times, and the BBC. There’s a ton of possibilities here. Your best bet is to start with the free plan, check out the features, and then decide.


A/B Testing Usability Paid Recommended

It’s all about customer experience for this tool. It allows you to experiment with pricing, make real-time recommendations, and change up product presentations. In a word, Optimizely enables dynamic personalization. This tool allows you to combine what you already know with real-time experimentation to deliver optimum customer experience. Try it free for 30 days, then switch to the plan of your choice.


Usability User Testing Paid

Looking for some honest feedback? The design team at Outsprung is waiting to give it to you. You can design your own test protocol or use their script. They’ll pinpoint problems and provide suggestions on how to fix them. You get ten minutes of testing, an audio of the results, and 24-hour turnaround for $29.

Ovo Studios

User Testing Paid

For companies that want to build their own UX lab, but aren’t sure where to start, Ovo provides a turnkey solution. You’ll not only get all the equipment and installation, but on-site training and follow-up guidance. If you prefer a cloud-based platform, Ovo can supply that too. Need a portable lab instead? Ovo can do it.


Page Load Time Technical Diagnostics Paid

Uptime matters. Having a site that can’t be accessed at all is the ultimate fail for user experience. Downtime hurts your business. This tool monitors uptime, provides real user monitoring to make sure your page load speeds aren’t lagging, and sends instant notifications to let you know when there’s a problem. Pingdom is all about site performance. You can get a 14-day free trial to test the waters. A separate Pingdom Tools page offers free load time checking.

Playbook UX

Usability User Testing Paid

Use this software to conduct both video-based one-on-one interviews and unmoderated (self-guided) studies. It’s affordable, but doesn’t sacrifice participant quality since all participants are verified through Linkedin. B2B companies love PlaybookUX since you can filter on job role, industry, seniority and more. You don’t need a monthly plan to recruit a highly targeted demographic, send screener questions, receive transcripts or view analytics reporting. At the end of the study, a report is generated leveraging A.I. to let you know important things that were said during the session. This tool is user-friendly, intuitive and for the entire team - from UX Researchers to Product Managers to Designers to Founders.


Analytics Heatmaps Freemium

Heatmaps plus analytics… that’s Ptengine. Find out how long people stay on your pages and where they go when they leave. Set conversion goals and track the metrics you deem most important. The click, scroll, and attention heatmaps help you understand visitor behavior. Boost conversions, boost sales, and get started for free.


Surveys Voice of the Customer Paid

This tool enables you to conduct user research on your website or within your digital product or app. Find out what your users are trying to accomplish and what’s standing in the way of them getting it. You can set up the software to target different segments of your audience whether that's based on unique properties or certain behaviors, you can use skip logic to serve up the next question based on the previous answer, and you can set up exit surveys. Qualaroo offers a 14-day free trial.


Heatmaps Freemium

What do your users really see? That’s the question ScreenLab proposes to answer. By applying an algorithm based on eye tracking studies, psychology, and neuroscience, this tool configures heat maps to help you understand how visitors might interact with your site. Beyond that, you get a set of metrics: flow, balance, impact, subtlety, and simplicity scores assess your site’s appeal to users. A free version helps you understand the possibilities.


Analytics Heatmaps Freemium

This tool provides heatmaps, clickmaps, and scrollmaps, and real-time analytics to help you turn clicks into conversions. A plugin is available for WordPress, Magento, and Drupal sites. SeeVolution offers a free version and a 14-day free trial on advanced versions.


Heatmaps Visitor Recording Freemium

This tool combines a machine-learning algorithm with actual recordings of visitor interactions to provide better understanding of customer behavior. Not only does the tool show you what happened, it makes recommendations on how you can optimize the highest-value issues uncovered. Heat maps and form analytics are also included. The starter account is free.

Simple Heatmaps

Heatmaps Paid

The name says it all. You get clickmaps, scrollmaps, and heatmaps to provide insight on visitor activity. Simple Heatmaps promises a small footprint and no impact on load times or browser performance. You can get a 7-day free trial of the large plan.


Heatmaps Visitor Recording Freemium

This tool bills itself as “The easiest visitor recording tool on the web.” You get recordings of mouse movements, clicks, and form fills. You can also tag visitors to see their activity over time. Look for stuck points in user experience, look for clues to why visitors leave without purchasing, and observe the path to sales. It’s a cool tool… and it’s free for up to 20,000 visitor per month.

The User Is Drunk

Usability User Testing Paid

Adhering to the principle that “Your website should be so simple even a drunk person could use it,” this full-stack developer says he’ll get drunk and test it for you. On the bright side, the business owner says he’ll also review websites for UX while sober. It’s up to you. For a fun and different look at how to make an offer, check this site out.

The User is My Mom

Usability User Testing Paid

The brainchild of the guy who created The User is Drunk, this site enlists the aid of a mom to evaluate your website. If you agree with the premise that your site should be so simple even a drunk could use it, surely you’ll agree a mom who “doesn’t know what a twitter is” should be able to navigate your website and figure out why you’re there.


Analytics Heatmaps Surveys Visitor Recording Paid

TruConversion is a customer behavior analytics tool that includes heatmaps, session recordings, full funnel analysis, form analytics, and feedback capabilities. The real power behind TruConversion is its advanced targeting and filtering technology to get more of the right data when you start the campaign and more options to dig through that data when the campaign is complete.


Usability User Testing Paid

How can you improve your website? That’s the question TryMyUi hopes to help you answer. You get to pick your target user profile, then watch recordings of people interacting with your site. You can use your own testers, if you wish. You can also run UX tests on mobile websites and apps. We’re a little confused on the Free version, though. Looks like you pay $35 per test to use it, but you can get your first test free. Get the user’s view, with TryMyUI.

Usability Hub

User Testing Freemium

Your design team can’t agree on whether to use red or yellow for that call to action button? UsabilityHub says you can settle those arguments with remote user testing. Available options include a five-second test, click test, question test, navigation test, and preference test. Ask real users what they think before you decide what you think. The free option provides limited access, but it’s a way to get started.


Voice of the Customer Paid

This voice of the customer solution serves some heavy hitting clients: Philips, HP, and The Economist are subscribers. Live user feedback is invaluable to improving website UX, and Usabilla says collecting that information is no problem. There’s also a version for email that can help you discover what recipients really think of your sends. You can also access case studies, articles, and even downloadable ebooks on the site. No prices listed, but we’ll say this is primarily an enterprise-level service.


User Testing Paid

Users try out your app or website and record their impressions during the visit. You get a screen and voice recording to help you discover usability issues. You can choose the demographics of users, and if you’re not happy with the results, UserBob will refund your money. There are sample videos on the site to help you understand how the platform works.


User Testing Paid

Userbrain says you should make user testing a habit. This tool provides ongoing testing to provide a weekly stream of user feedback. That enables you and your team to schedule regular review sessions. Understanding your users is critical to online success. Check the example tests on the website to see how it works. All plans offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


User Testing Paid

What’s making your visitors leave? Userfeel says remote usability testing can provide the answer. You get videos of users interacting with your site and speaking their thoughts as they do. No code installation is necessary. You choose the website to test, set the scenario and tasks, then run the test and observe. Multilingual tests are available.


User Testing Paid

“Analytics tell you what, we tell you why.” It’s a popular tagline for usability testing sites, but that’s because it’s true. UX tests, in conjunction with analytics data, can help you solve the puzzle and understand your visitors better. This tool gives you video and audio of testers interacting with your website. One standout here is the ability to put your own logo and branding on the tests you do for clients.


Technical Diagnostics Visitor Recording Paid

Usersnap is a central place to organize user feedback and collect bug reports. It makes tracking bugs easy. Using point-and-click annotation tools, Usersnap helps you report bugs where they happen: in your browser. It's a good compliment to your development workflow and feedback process. It also works with the tools you already use, like Slack, Asana, Zendesk and more.


User Testing Paid Recommended

Walmart, Facebook, Apple… the client portfolio here witnesses to the popularity of this tool. UserTesting is one of our favorites too. Use it for your website, your mobile app, or your prototypes. You get videos of real people visiting your site and commenting about what they find there. Get your results in an hour! To date, UserTesting has provided over a million tests to businesses large and small. There are plenty of resources on this site for learning about UX testing. Definitely check it out.


Analytics Heatmaps Visitor Recording Paid

Improve conversion rates, reduce bounce rates, gain understanding of visitor behavior – those are the UX improvements userTrack aims to deliver. The differentiator here is this tool is self-hosted. You buy it and you own it. No monthly subscription fees. It’s an intriguing idea, especially at the low (currently $37) price point. Take a look at the demo to see if it could work for you. Not for high-traffic websites.


User Testing Paid

Here’s another user testing tool with an impressive list of clients. Names like CocaCola, Google, and UPS. What’s so special about UserZoom? By their own estimation, their platform provides “all the UX research solutions you need in one place.” Test prototypes, desktop, and mobile. Hook up to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and more. This is one robust tool. Check the site for two-minute product demo.


Paid Freemium

When it comes to Usability testing of your Website, Interactive Prototype, Web or Mobile Apps in Asia, UXArmy is the go-to tool. UXArmy has a large pool of Testers from South Asia, most countries of Southeast Asia and the US. So expect quick results to your tests. Being the first purely online usability testing platform built by an Asian startup in 2012, it already boasts of reputable clients in Asia like Starhub, RedMart (now Lazada), PropertyGuru, Amway, Nippon Paints, MoneySmart, etc. Video clips can be edited out of screen recordings and comments inserted during analysis. Users’ voice during thinking out loud is definitely music to ears of User Researchers.

UX Recorder

Usability User Testing Paid

This tool is specifically aimed at mobile testing for iOS. For website usability and user experience testing on the iPhone, this could be what you’ve been looking for. A built-in browser, face recording, capture all taps, swipes, and scrolls… there’s plenty of data to pull from. You can get a free 30-second intro session. $59.99 gets you unlimited access. That’s tough to beat.


User Testing Paid

This user testing tool allows you to check not only your own UX, but that of your competitors. Test your landing pages, benchmark competition, dig into your ecommerce site to see what’s working and what’s not, test your mockups and your ads… it’s all here. Start with a 14-day free trial. Pricing after that appears to be by negotiation.


Usability Paid Recommended

Get your UX design activities centered in one place with UXPin. This site offers a “full-stack UX design platform.” You can create interactive wireframes, make use of their extensive library of elements, and import files from Sketch and Photoshop (or use the built-in editor). Scalable design and a fully agile process. That’s tough to beat. Get started with a free trial. Reasonable pricing afterwards.


User Testing Paid

You’ve designed an app, now you need to test it. Better yet, you’re designing an app and you want to test as you go. This tool allows you to do that quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. It’s a collaborative platform that will allow you and your team to collect feedback from users, then move ahead without delay. Get started with a free trial.


User Testing Paid

Here’s an idea: test features before writing the code for them. Clients say they’re able to get more done in less time with Validately. You can test on desktop or mobile, and you can bring your own testers or recruit from the website panel. Analytics are included. Start with a free test, then bump up to a monthly subscription.

VerifyApp by ZURB

User Testing Paid

Test optimization ideas for your ecommerce or lead-generation website. Implement what you find to get more sales or leads. Keep going to increase conversions. VerifyApp lets you get quick feedback on your screenshots and mockups. See where users click and find out what they think. All packages come with a 30-day free trial. You’ll love the prices.

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

A/B Testing Paid Recommended

VWO is one of the most popular testing platforms.The aim here is maximum ability to optimize your website… with minimum help from IT. VWO says it’s easy to perform A/B tests and other conversion optimization tasks. It’s tough to argue with a page showing a 52 percent uptick in conversions from the original to the VWO modified version. You can run split URL tests and multivariate tests, in addition to your ongoing A/B testing protocol. Request a demo to see how it works.

Website Grader

Page Load Time Technical Diagnostics Free

Do you want to know how your site performs when loading, how secure it is, whether your SEO metadata is adequate, and how you’re doing on mobile responsiveness? This HubSpot tool checks for troubles and lets you know what they are. The desire is to get you enrolled as a HubSpot client, but the test is upfront and free.


Usability Freemium

You’ll no longer need to wait for IT to tag clicks and links in order to track visitor activity. With Weelytics, you can set tags and start tracking without having to do any coding at all, and the activity feeds directly into your Google Analytics account and a selection of other third-party sites. Start for free to check Weelytics out, then subscribe to a larger pack.


User Testing Paid

Understanding how visitors interact with your website is crucial to optimizing user experience. This tool provides videos of users visiting your site and speaking their thoughts as they do. Discover the stuck points. Scale your business. Take advantage of the free trial to see if WhatUsersDo is right for you.

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Updated: May 20, 2020

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