Site Optimization and Consumer Testing Key to Increasing Revenue

User testing can uncover hidden revenue opportunities, just ask Amazon, whose testing led to optimization of promo code placement delivering a 90% increase in revenue.

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Just because a feature looks great in Photoshop doesn’t mean it will be a good addition to your website.

According to Amazon.com’s research team, the simple addition of a coupon code field to the checkout page of an online retailer had the unfortunate effect of reducing sales revenue by 90%. It turned out the field made customers feel like they might not be getting the best deal, so they went off in search of a discount code, never to return to complete their purchase.

A design that looks good in Photoshop can fail horribly in the browser, specifically when it comes to e-commerce. Fortunately there’s an easy answer: save time (and money) by testing new designs with users before you launch them.

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