Data-Driven Redesign

Let our expert team of researchers, strategists, and designers analyze your customer experience and design you a beautiful site that converts.



Launch your new website with confidence.

Our Data-Driven Redesign analyzes your customer journey and identifies opportunities for increased conversions before you launch a new site.

Beyond surface level metrics, we get to know your website users and prepare beautiful designs that are proven to deliver on your goals.

We leverage decades of learnings from optimizing user experience for globally-recognized brands to help you build a better website.

How It Works

Data-Driven Redesign Process
Data-Driven Redesign Process

Our Data-Driven Redesigns Are Proven To Get Results

Here are a few client case studies. You can read even more here.

medelita case study feature

Medelita Increases Conversions With Optimized UX

Learn how a 360-degree qualitative and quantitative analysis of Medelita’s website resulted in improved desktop and mobile conversion rates.

The Economist Enjoys A 5% Increase In Paid Subscriptions

See how The Economist increased paid subscriptions by 5% with The Good’s Comprehensive Conversion Audit™ and Wireframe Audit.

Coastal Farm & Ranch Builds A Better Website With A Wireframe Audit

Learn how Coastal Farm & Ranch used The Good to optimize their work in the planning stage to drive better results upon launch.

What’s Included in a Data-Driven Redesign?

Analysis & Research

A thorough review of how customers interact with your current site, with special attention to what makes or breaks a buying decision. Hours of research on your customer base, products, and market.

User Experience Audit

An expert assessment of your site’s key elements to identify your strengths and uncover opportunities for improvement.

Custom Roadmap

Distilled research findings into a succinct, easy-to-digest redesign brief. This turns into a collaborative, prioritized action plan for designing a site that converts and meets your minimum experience standards.

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Before diving into branded designs, we put together and share grayscale wireframes based on our research as well as opportunity for your team to give structured feedback.

Branded Designs That Convert

A new website design that has been vetted by your customers. Delivery includes static, non-clickable design files and accompanying developer documentation.

Milestone Reviews

Presentations and review sessions at each key project milestone. We’ll present our findings or outputs and you’ll have time to consult with our expert team.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Here’s what we hear most often from prospective clients…

What is a “good fit” company for a Data-Driven Redesign?

Our Data-Driven Redesign is ideal for companies that:

• Are Rebranding And Want To Build A Website In Tandem – You’re undergoing some big updates to your branding, and want your new website to reflect those changes. We’ll make sure it’s built with not only the brand, but the user in mind.

• Understand Their Customers And Want To Build A Website That Reflects Them – You’re ready to redesign your site using data from real site visitors to make it work harder for you.

• Have An Amazing Product, But Their Website Doesn’t Reflect That – Altering wireframes or moving pixels is faster and more affordable than rewriting code after your new site has already been deployed.

Good fit companies also typically have a development team who can help execute the plan that has been laid out.

How much does a Data-Driven Redesign cost?

The price of a Data-Driven Redesign is influenced by the complexity of the site being examined and the number of web pages that need designing. We’ll work with you to prepare a custom quote, but as a point of reference, most Data-Driven Redesigns start at $75,000.

A Data-Driven Redesign will save you money on the front-end. By ensuring your designs will convert and finding room for improvement before you invest in development, you save precious budget from iterating on un-tested designs that don’t drive results.

How long does it take to receive my Data-Driven Redesign?

From start to finish, a typical Data-Driven Redesign is at least 12 weeks.

Our experienced conversion strategists need about 6-7 weeks to complete their research and prepare their roadmap. Designing the first version of your wireframes takes around 1 additional week per page. Testing and creating the final branded site design takes about 4 weeks.

During this time, we will regularly communicate with you and your team to collect information and provide progress updates.

We do our very best to deliver early or on time and communicate any changes to the project timeline well in advance, including an explanation of why the plan needs to be adjusted.

What if I don’t have enough budget?

If you’re not quite ready for a Data-Driven Redesign yet, there are still ways that we can help!

Here are a few options…

• Explore the small business products at our sister brand, UserInput, to get a do-it-yourself plan

• Get a free, personalized optimization scorecard using our Stuck Score Report™

Purchase one of our best-selling books on conversion optimization

• Subscribe to our podcast: Drive & Convert

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for ecommerce insights

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Comprehensive Website Redesign

Average ROI
of 9-to-1

Results In 12 Weeks

Every Data-Driven Redesign begins with an introductory call to make sure we’re a good fit. We’ll share more details about the service and answer any questions you have.

If everything goes well, we’ll schedule a date for your kickoff call and you’ll be on your way to improved sales performance.

coastal - wireframe audit testimonial

The (wireframe) audit report we received was full of fantastic insights that we hadn’t thought of yet, and also identified some problem areas that we hadn’t observed in our own discovery phase.”

Steve Gehlen
Director of Digital Commerce
Coastal Farm & Ranch

medelita - wirefrane audit testimonial

We have tested the new homepage and it blew our existing one away.”

Dan Stepchew
Chief Technology Officer

the economist - wireframe audit testimonial

“We were able to increase conversions to paid subscriptions by 5% without compromising our ad revenue, which was a significant return on investment and a huge win for our organization.”

David Humber
Marketing Director
The Economist