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98% of website traffic gets stuck
and does not convert.

Your consumers are likely getting stuck too.
Find out where for free with our Stuck Score™.

The Stuck Score™ is a unique assessment tool which provides a customized
score plus 5 scorecards benchmarking key conversion areas of your website.
See why you should get a Stuck Score™:

How does this help me?

Websites are like a maze for consumers: full of traps and barriers for them to get stuck in.

Your consumers are likely getting stuck too. The Stuck Score™ tells you where.

It will quickly assess the problem areas which are hurting your visitor’s ability to convert into a lead or customer, including:

  • User experience
  • Path to purchase or conversion
  • Content effectiveness
  • And more

What do I get?

  • Your unique Stuck Score™ benchmark
  • A customized Stuck Report™ & scorecards
  • Resources for improving your conversions

The customized Stuck Report™ outlines:

  • Key areas for performance improvement
  • Potential roadblocks to success
  • Opportunities available to grow revenue on your site

The Stuck Score™ and Stuck report™ is free of charge with no cost or obligation to you.

Stuck Score Deck Example

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If your business is able to budget at least $7500/month for optimization, we also offer
free personalized landing page teardown with one of our strategists.

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Upon completion, you will be provided with your Stuck Report™ PDF.

Any data you share will remain strictly confidential
and is only used to form your Stuck Score™ and Stuck Report™.