Your customized Stuck Score™

Your overall Stuck Score™ represents the opportunity available to grow revenues on your site.

The lower the score, the more obstacles in the way of your opportunity.

A score below 150 points means you’re leaving significant money on the table. Much work is required to establish a foundation for revenue growth, but you have the most to gain.

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Your Overall Stuck Score™

Your Stuck Score™ puts you within Level 1

Our goal is to help your company move up through the levels so that you can unlock the highest revenue, customers, and leads.

From your existing score, each additional level represents significant improvement in your company’s conversion performance capacity.

Next Step For Qualified Companies: Schedule a Landing Page Teardown

Schedule a Landing Page Teardown and we’ll show you the top areas costing you ecommerce sales, and what it would be like to have The Good solve those issues.

Who is qualified for a Landing Page Teardown?

While the landing page teardown is free, please note our optimization services average $120k/year and is for brands with a budget to spend on conversion optimization services. If you have a budgetary constraint, check out our products designed to help small and medium-sized ecommerce businesses grow.

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