Wireframe Audit

Launch a new site design with confidence.

Validate your wireframes before development to reduce your risk and boost the effectiveness of your new design.

No one wants to see their numbers drop after a big redesign. 

You want to ensure your new site design will help your business goals, not hurt them.

Validate your wireframes before development to reduce your risk and boost the effectiveness of your new design.

We can help if your goals include:

  • Ensuring conversion best practices are baked in before development
  • Aligning site to customer personas and real user feedback
  • Getting expert conversion feedback during the wireframe stage
  • Making data-backed decisions on content and functionality

Benefits of the audit:

  • Ensure return on investment of upcoming site redesign
  • Understand user experience and conversion pitfalls before development
  • Launch a new site with confidence


“The audit report we received was full of fantastic insights that we hadn’t thought of yet, and also identified some problem areas that we hadn’t observed in our own discovery phase.”

  • Steve Gehlen, Director of Digital Commerce, Coastal Farm & Ranch

The Good’s Wireframe Audit delivers data-driven feedback on your wireframe designs during your site redesign project, before development starts. This feedback helps you reduce the risk of one of the most common redesign issues: an unexpected major decline in conversions and user experience. 

The audit provides actionable recommendations on elements of your desktop or mobile wireframes, including but not limited to:

  • Homepage
  • Navigation 
  • Category pages
  • Product pages
  • Cart and checkout
  • Receipts and user account dashboards
  • Key landing pages

We leverage heuristic evaluation, our decade-plus of conversion optimization experience, click map testing and more to measure the effectiveness of your proposed site changes and wireframes. This includes key page templates, from your homepage, to navigation, to category pages and product pages and provides specific, actionable feedback to improve them. 

In the final presentation, we present an overview of our findings and recommendations and provide your team with a detailed, actionable point-by-point breakdown of the successes and failures of the design.

What’s Included?

  • Overview of key site issues
  • Breakdowns by site element
  • Prioritized fixes for each element
  • Comprehensive roadmap for fixes

What is the Wireframe Audit for?

In most cases, the wireframe audit is used to:

  • Validate design wireframes for usability
  • Identify sitewide problem areas
  • Identify specific priority items

How much is the Wireframe Audit?

Investment starts at $15,000. Fill out the form below to get in touch and discuss your specific wireframe auditing needs.

How is the Wireframe Audit Delivered?

The wireframe audit is delivered by a live review session. After the presentation, a digital copy of the report and action items is provided.

How Long Does the Assessment Take to Produce?

The Wireframe Audit takes about 4 weeks to produce. We will work with you to schedule a live review session as part of our kickoff session.

Do I receive implementation support after delivery?

While we are able to answer audit-related questions, we are not a website development firm, and thus are unable to implement the findings of the audit for you.

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