Tiege Hanley Optimized the User Experience of Their Website with the Comprehensive Conversion Audit

Learn how Tiege Hanley unlocked new opportunities to improve the user experience of their ecommerce website with the Comprehensive Conversion Audit.

The team at The Good did a really nice job. It was obvious that they put in a lot of time and energy, and they showed a high level of expertise in their thinking. I’m really grateful for the work that they did for our site.
Kelley Thornton, Founder & CEO at Tiege Hanley
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The Overview

Tiege Hanley is an ecommerce brand that sells a variety of men’s skincare routines directly to consumers through their ecommerce website. They pride themselves on offering affordable and effective skincare options for men that are designed to satisfy every skin type.

Tiege Hanley approached The Good to help improve the user experience of their website as well as provide data-backed recommendations for an upcoming website redesign.

The Challenge

Prior to the engagement, Tiege Hanley was planning to execute a sitewide redesign and wanted assurance that their new website would be an improvement, not a setback.

Tiege wanted confirmation that the framework and structure of their new site was optimized to receive the most value out of the redesign. They suspected that there was an opportunity to streamline the shopping experience and aid in product comparison.

Here is how Jay Evans, Tiege Hanley’s Ecommerce Manager describes it…

“We were aware that there were user experience issues on the site and that they were causing some friction in the purchase experience.

We wanted to hear from an unbiased outside source what some of those pain points and areas of friction might be, so that we could ultimately improve our conversion rate, especially in high visibility, high impact areas.”

Jay Evans, Ecommerce Manager at Tiege Hanley

They decided to invest in a conversion-focused audit of their current website, to help them form a comprehensive list of optimization opportunities and to minimize the risk of a surprise decline in conversions immediately following the site launch.

The Process

Our team conducted thorough qualitative and quantitative research to pinpoint the specific pain points hindering conversions on the Tiege Hanley website.

We used remote usability testing to paint a clear picture of how real customers navigated and interacted with the site. User testing sessions revealed that customers were experiencing particular difficulty with understanding the difference between the various skin care routines being offered. This confusion would often lead to decision paralysis and abandonment. 

Heat maps confirmed these findings when they revealed a high concentration of click-activity with the various skin care routines on product pages, and session recordings showed that behavior was often paired with excessive scrolling, indicating users struggled to clearly understand the differences between the various levels. 

From there, our team designed wireframes that would solve the challenges presented in the research phase. The wireframe templates our team designed were optimized to provide the best possible purchasing experience and eliminated pain points that customers were encountering on the site.

The Solution

Based on the information discovered in the comprehensive audit, our strategy team developed wireframes for two key pages of their website: the homepage, and product category page. 

For the homepage wireframe, our team wanted to focus on clarifying the differences between each skin care system being offered. User-testing sessions revealed that visitors tended to have questions regarding which system was right for their skin type. The goal was to help answer these questions as soon as a new user landed on the homepage of the site. 

The wireframe our team delivered emphasized a clear separation between the normal skincare system and the acne treatment system. Rather than making users visit a product page to learn about what makes Tiege products superior, we opted to highlight that information directly on the homepage. 

Another key finding from the analytics audit was a clear correlation between reading reviews and completing a purchase. Our team knew that the reviews were effective, but visitors weren’t seeing them. To amplify the value of the product reviews, we implemented a new customer testimonial section that encouraged visitors to check out the impressive number of positive product reviews that Tiege had accumulated.

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The objective of the product page wireframe was to help reduce the cognitive load that visitors experienced when trying to decide which skin care system was right for them. A key pain point our team identified in the research phase was that users didn’t entirely understand the value of each subscription tier, so they’d naturally choose the most basic plan to start. The new product page wireframe focused on highlighting the benefits of each subscription tier–clearly explaining why the higher-priced tiers were more beneficial to customers. 

To reduce the cognitive burden involved in understanding which system would suit a visitor’s unique skin type, our team focused on optimizing the visibility of product descriptions so users could quickly identify which plan would satisfy their individual needs.

Since a majority of the client’s website traffic came from mobile devices, the wireframe was designed with a mobile-first approach. User-testing sessions pointed out that mobile visitors would often scroll through the long product pages struggling to figure out the differences between each product tier, so highlighting this information above-the-fold solved that problem. 

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The Results

After delivering the wireframes, Tiege Hanley incorporated the ideas and recommendations into their website redesign process. The conversion audit we conducted was a pivotal exercise that helped the client identify pain points early-on in the design phase and reduce the chance of their conversion rate being negatively impacted after the launch of their new site.

They were able to take the learnings from this engagement and move into the visual design stage of their redesign feeling informed and prepared. 

Here is how Jay Evans, a member of the project team representing Tiege Hanely, described the impact of the project…

“You guys did a great analysis. We learned a lot about our customers that wasn’t visible on the surface level. It was a lot of insightful things with insane attention to detail. You guys not only studied the data, but the front end experience as well.

What was provided was exactly what we expected and then some. It was amazing!”

Jay Evans, Ecommerce Manager at Tiege Hanley

How They Got There

The results we unlocked for Tiege Hanley were the direct result of the Comprehensive Conversion Audit as well as the Data-Driven Redesign.

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