Where 98% Of Brand Revenue Is Stuck Online

By Jon MacDonald
2 minute read | Last Updated: May 8, 2016

E-commerce revenue is stuck behind the 98% failure rate that almost every site accepts as normal. It’s not.

Nearly all e-commerce websites underperform. There is an almost resigned acceptance by brands that by converting 2% of total e-commerce traffic a site is succeeding. But this leaves 98% of all site revenue stuck somewhere between the customer buying and deserting. It doesn’t have to be this way.

At The Good we’ve found that brands with under-performing e-commerce sites often have several key areas in common where revenue is getting stuck. By understanding these Stuck Zones™, brands can free the revenue locked up on their site.

Over the past six years we’ve seen the same issues so many times that we’ve compiled our findings, IP, and know-how into three common areas where e-commerce revenue gets stuck. These Stuck Zones™ are the tip of the iceberg for brands to realize the incredible potential locked away behind the hundreds of specific sales killing tactics their websites employ.

Let’s unpack the three Stuck Zones™.

Stuck Zone™ 1: Purchase Failures

Purchase failures include areas where customers desert the site, the navigation or UI isn’t intuitive, the content isn’t helpful, and the checkout process refuses to be simple and quick. If your site isn’t converting, there is a greater than likely chance it is failing customers in one or more of these areas. Areas to think about improving to resolve Stuck Zone™ 1 concerns include consumer pathways, content strategy and production, and checkout roadblocks.

Stuck Zone™ 2: Technology Obstacles

Being found in search only allows brands the opportunity to get picked. To get into the game, brand sites must provide an experience built on solid architecture, platform, and features. Stuck Zone™ 2 unpacks the areas where the behind-the-scenes machinery of the site is preventing customers from finding, using, checking out, and having their order fulfilled. It’s the critical, dirty work that every site must do well to win.

Stuck Zone™ 3: Brand Specific Challenges

This zone is the one with mistakes that are the easiest for a brand to make, especially if the e-commerce experience falls under the marketing team’s responsibility. In Stuck Zone™ 3, the brand needs to look hard at the campaigns, communications, and customer service it provides to uncover areas where revenue is being held back.

Is the brand effectively monetizing social media? Is customer service feedback even a part of the digital and marketing effort? How effective are post-purchase communications at generating additional revenue, reviews, or recommendations? There are billions in revenue stuck behind the answers to these questions. Brands that answer them stand to reap the rewards.

Reviewing their site against these three Stuck Zones™, brands can resolve the sales diminishers that lead to site underperformance, make informed decisions and build an internal business case, minimize risk and improve ROI, isolate problems prior to engagement to improve the outcome, and improve transparency into future dollar spend.

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