Optimization: Test, Grow, & Repeat

The only way to be successful online is to always be active.

Marketing your company and converting sales on your website doesn’t happen passively, it happens through action and optimization. You must take action in order to connect with a market, drive traffic, and provide a website that serves your audience, customers, and stakeholders.

Whether you are a new company or an established brand, you have to keep moving, testing, and acting to stay top of mind and converting.

To that end, there are an overwhelming amount of tests, channels, tactics and strategies that can cause analysis paralysis.

Fight through that paralysis with constant testing (even if those tests fail).

The Basics: Testing Channel Strategy and Website Conversion

Driving traffic to your site through marketing to all your channels is essential, there is no excuse not to. Too often, unproductive or underutilized channels are ignored or forgotten. This can lead to low and declining site traffic. Without traffic, your site will suffocate.

So what are you supposed to do? Start by paying attention to unproductive (or underperforming) channels. In many cases, these lost channels are holding the keys to a floodgate. We’ve seen paid search go from ignored (and unfunded) to producing a 12:1 ROI. We’ve seen email cripple traffic when it is dropped as a channel driver and seen it drive over 20% of monthly revenue when properly implemented.

These results didn’t happen by accident. They happened when a company adopted a test and implement strategy that supported their healthy channels and increased attention and effort to weak and declining channels. They happened when a company chose to action over inaction.

Setting up a channel testing strategy is step one. Step two is creating a testing strategy for your website to maximize conversions.

Just like your channels, ignoring an underperforming website (or web page) can have exponentially negative results for your company. Don’t ignore your website. Optimize it, test it, maximize its service and revenue potential.

Begin by identifying where your site is most productive (highest converting page, best selling product, etc.). These productive pages are your template for success. Commit to understanding what makes those pages work and look to repeat those elements and tactics sitewide by testing on less productive pages.

Next, determine your conversion points, and begin to measure and track their conversion rates. Are there certain times in the year where conversion is greater? Does the color, location, messaging on the call to action affect the conversion? Test your hypotheses and find out. If your checkout is not converting, the only way to fix it is to test it. If your calls to action are receiving no calls (or clicks), test them and fix them. Hypothesize, test, and make changes based on conclusions. Always test and change, never settle, never sit still.

The Choice: To Act or Not

The choice to act or sit is ultimately yours, but the price of inactivity may be too steep. Use your marketing to its fullest and don’t settle for excuses. Treat your website like it is a new business, every day, and keep pushing it, testing it, and making it better for the customers who use it. The only way to make your marketing and website better is by working on it.

By choosing action, you are choosing to not sit idly by and wait for your marketing and website to magically work. You are choosing to make it work, make it better, make it amazing.

We Will Help

Our Conversion Growth Program™ is a proven program for taking websites that are not living up to their full potential and turning them into revenue and sales powerhouses. It takes a ton of work to make a website amazing. Whether you go it alone or invite us in, the payoff is worth the effort.

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