Is Your Brand’s Bulky Website Losing You Revenue?

Do you have a bulky website? Has it become old and poorly maintained over the years? Whip your site into shape and turn it into a revenue earning machine.

Is your bulky website hurting your bottom line? Amazon discovered that for every 100 millisecond delay in load time they lost 1% in online revenue. In fact, many major brands are waking up to the reality that site speed matters.

How fast is your site? Don’t worry, we’ll help you figure that out in just a minute. Here’s what you need to know, first.

To maximize online revenue your site must load fast.  Fast means that ideally, your site’s load time should clock between one and four seconds for both mobile and desktop customers. The closer to three seconds the better. If your site ranks poorly against other brands or does not fall within the ideal time frame, you need to put your site on a weight loss plan, now.

How do you fix your bulky website?

Clarify your goal

The first step is to revisit the main purpose of the site, which is (hopefully) to help customers research and purchase your products. Site content should always be focused on the products you know (based on analytics) customers are actually buying.

Manage intake

Making site performance one of your top design goals will force you to cap the amount of stuff you include on each page to ensure each page loads in the desired amount of time. Don’t forget to test and evaluate new pages (and features) as they are added over the life of the site.

Refine regularly

In the short term, send your site to the digital gym and shed those excess bits and bytes. Your site loads slowly because it is weighed down by massive images, third party analytics, and social plugins. Each must load before your site can properly render and your customer can begin researching or shopping. Take a hard look at the extra weight your site drags around because if it isn’t driving revenue to the site, it’s likely helping to drive revenue away.

Take the next step

Evaluate your site to see how effective your brand site is compared to your industry peers.

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