How the Power of Observation Can Get You Better Results Online

By Shaun Tinney
1 minute read | Last Updated: March 5, 2016

Apply the Scientific Method to your digital projects to improve results and effectiveness of digital marketing dollars spent.

“If it disagrees with experiment, it is wrong.” —Richard Feynman

More than a year ago, we set out to create a new approach to digital work that would solve as many of the pain points as we could for both our clients and ourselves. We recently came across this short clip from a 1964 lecture in which Nobel-winning physicist Richard Feynman distills the essence of the scientific method, and were immediately struck by how closely it describes the way we work.

We didn’t set out to replicate the scientific method, and there’s certainly quite a bit of art to our science, but the approach is pleasingly similar: make an educated guess, test it relentlessly, and adapt as needed until you arrive at the right solution. Effective solutions on the web may be moving targets, but so long as we’re paying attention we can move with them.