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How to Increase E-commerce Sales 140%

By Shaun Tinney

To increase e-commerce sales, the goals of the website must be focused on achieving the goals of the customer. Get a return by building a site your customers care about.

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How To Do SEO the Human Way

By Jon MacDonald

SEO is finally becoming a friend to human readers. Old practices that rewarded irrelevant (inhuman), keyword stuffed content, must be replaced by helpful, human-friendly content. Is your brand ready to ride the new SEO wave?

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Why Site Speed Matters

By Neil Sniffen

Having a fast e-commerce site is the difference between conversion and abandonment. Get on the fast track and give customers what they want, now.

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The Content Audit Diet

By Neil Sniffen

By limiting your team’s content audit, creation, and revision to top tasks, products, and content you can save yourself a ton of grief while boosting your bottom line. Less work! More Money! Yes, Please!

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Out of Stock Message – It’s Just Bad Timing

By The Good

When is the best time to communicate “Out of Stock” to online customers? It’s definitely not after they’ve picked out a product and are ready to purchase. Watch this 15 second Instagram video to see why.

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Enter Universal Analytics

By Neil Sniffen

Google’s new Universal Analytics contains myriad upgrades you can use to gain competitive advantage. Upgrade now. (We even show you how.)

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Email Pop-up Melodrama

By Jack Yeh

What would it be like if you brought email pop-ups into your retail stores? Watch this 15 sec. Instagram video.

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Top Five Analytics Reports for E-commerce

By Neil Sniffen in

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for brands to understand how their customers are using their site. But too often these insights get lost in all the numbers. With these five reports, brands leaders can unearth the data that will help their site better serve its customers.

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Your Marketing is Killing Your Sales

By Shaun Tinney in

When a brand’s website marketing isn’t aligned with the customer’s reason to visit the site, then the marketing is doing more harm than good. To sell more online, provide customers with content that will help them get what they came for.

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