Outdoor Apparel Company Increased Online Revenue by 54%

Hear from Devin O’Dea, CMO of Fayettechill, about how they gained a conversion rate increase of 24% and a revenue increase of 54% with The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™.

“We saw 54% increase in our online revenue. For us, that represented a 2-to-1 return on our investment, which, as businessmen, that’s a no brainer. That’s a good investment.”
Devin O’DeaChief Marketing Officer, Fayettechill
increase in online revenue
conversion rate increase
average order value increase

The Overview

Fayettechill is a lifestyle brand based in the Ozark Mountains. They create experience inspired apparel for outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, they sell both online and through retail channels.

The Challenge

When Fayettechill approached The Good, they had a few challenges. The fayettechill.com ecommerce user experience was not always representative of the Fayettechill brand, and often found to be frustrating for consumers. They needed an outside perspective on how to improve their ecommerce conversion rate and progressively enhance their website.

In addition, as they looked to grow online revenues, Fayettechill had several ways they could expand their product offerings but they were unsure where to grow first.

The Process

The Good approached this challenge by producing an initial user experience audit and data analysis, called a Stuck Report™, on fayettechill.com. The report highlighted areas that were most frustrating to Fayettechill customers.

In addition, Fayettechill went through the Conversion Growth Program™, The Good’s unique data-driven process that helps increase sales. The program identified a variety of qualitative user-experience improvements based on consumer feedback and user-testing as well as quantitative decision-making based on data analytics.

“Our primary focus in working with The Good was to increase our conversion rate. We saw a 24% increase throughout the service.”

Devin O’DeaChief Marketing Officer, Fayettechill

The Solution

Each month during Conversion Growth Program™ progress meetings, Fayettechill and The Good reviewed site analytics and online sales data against that month’s goals. Based on the results, The Good formed hypotheses and implemented multivariate tests.

Through comprehensive user testing, The Good attended to every single page that a customer might experience in their path to purchasing a product. This resulted in a year over year online conversion rate increase of 24% and a revenue increase of 54%.

“When we stated our goal and were clear about our objectives, The Good helped achieve them with respect to our personal brand flair and style that our customers appreciate. It’s been a great success.”

Next, by utilizing the data that their ecommerce site was producing, the Conversion Growth Program™ helped Fayettechill understand which product offering performed well for their target audience and were able to better determine which ways to best expand their product offerings. This helped them increase their average order value by 17%.

“Working with The Good really made us take a detailed look at our product offerings as a whole. That not only dialed in our online side of our company, but pushed forward other departments throughout our company.

The individual success on the online department is great, but seeing it bleed into other departments really showed that it was a substantial investment.”

The Results

Today, because of the holistic approach, the fayettechill.com ecommerce site experience is now more enjoyable, it delights consumers rather than frustrates them, and Fayettechill is able to use a data driven approach to develop new products.

“The biggest impact on our company, you might think would be the 17% increase in average order value or the 54% increase in online revenue. But working with The Good really made us take a detailed look at our product offerings as a whole.”

How They Got There

The results we unlocked for Fayettechill are the direct result of the following services:

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