Beckett Simonon Sees an Annualized ROI of 237% on the Conversion Growth Program™

Learn how Beckett Simonon was able to see an annualized ROI of 237% on the The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™.

Our interactions with The Good have been the best of any agency we’ve worked with. I’ve enjoyed being able to communicate very easily with The Good’s team.
Nicholas Hurtado, Co-Founder at Beckett Simonon
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The Overview

Beckett Simonon is an online brand that sells handcrafted leather shoes and accessories. Their products are made to order, and shipped directly to consumers, bypassing the need to sell through a retailer which enables them to keep their prices low. 

Additionally, their company is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices. They make a conscious effort not to overproduce products or carry any unsold inventory.

The Challenge

When Beckett Simonon approached The Good, they were seeking an agency that could ensure their paid acquisition efforts were converting effectively. They needed an effective optimization program that would guarantee sustainable, long-term improvements to their sitewide conversion rate.

Prior to conducting an analysis of the client’s website performance, we established specific goals for the engagement – to ensure that both teams were aligned on the same objectives. These goals included:

  1. Promoting a sleek but content rich and story-driven website experience
  2. Enhancing sitewide navigation in order to streamline the purchase process

The Process

In order to identify potential conversion blockers, The Good began the engagement by conducting a thorough analysis of Beckett Simonon’s website analytics and user experience flow. Our strategists conducted usability testing and analyzed heat maps of key pages to determine where the most lucrative conversion opportunities existed.

This process included a full 360-degree qualitative and quantitative conversion analysis, as well as a complete review of website deficiencies, opportunities, and conversion barriers. After delivering the findings from the analytics analysis and user-testing sessions, our team created a roadmap of A/B tests to achieve the client’s previously outlined goals. 

Our interactions with The Good have been the best of any agency we’ve worked with. I’ve enjoyed being able to communicate very easily with The Good’s team.

The Solution

User-testing sessions revealed that users relied heavily on product images to make purchasing decisions. Our team also found that most users didn’t understand what differentiated Beckett Simonon from other high-end shoe manufacturers. 

To solve this problem, our team hypothesized that integrating language focused on the company’s ethical responsibility throughout key image-driven moments in the customer journey may help users understand the unique value of the products. Our team tested messaging that reflected the company’s sustainable business practices, as well as messaging that focused on the quality of the products, to see if it would impact purchasing decisions (see test variants below).

When designing the test, we replaced two product tiles on the Category page with one of the custom messaging tiles (see below).

The Results

After concluding the test, our team found that the Ethical Responsibility test variant had produced a 5% higher conversion rate than the control, resulting in an annualized return on investment of 237%

In the end, the Conversion Growth Program™ not only helped elevate the user experience on the Beckett Simonon website, but it also helped align customers around the values of the brand.

Beckett Simonon was a great client fit for our agency because they trusted our approach and methodologies, and after seeing the results, their team was able to mobilize and quickly implement the recommended changes to their website. Speaking after the engagement, founder Nicholas Hurtado had the following to say about working with The Good:

In terms of capability and outcomes, other agencies could possibly do this, but The Good’s expertise, methodology, and conversations… That’s what made the difference. The people, the quality of service, and the results.

How They Got There

The results we unlocked for Beckett Simonon were the direct result of the The Conversion Growth Program™.

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