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ROI of Decreased Funnel or Cart Abandonment Rate

What does your increase in Revenue look like if you can decrease the drop-off or abandonment rate on your checkout page?

Calculate Decreased Abandonment Rate

Current monthly cart or page traffic


Current Average order value $
Compare Scenario A Scenario B Scenario C
Pre-optimization abandonment rate % % %
Post-optimization abandonment rate % % %
Change in monthly abandonment rate 20,000 20,000 20,000

ROI from Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Such as The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™ or data-validated design

Investment $
Time 6 months 1 year 3 years
ROI Ratio 15.7 : 1 15.7 : 1 15.7 : 1
Net Revenue Increase $940,000 $940,000 $940,000

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