Baseball Company Increases Online Revenue by 240%

Hear from Stephen Lease, Director of Digital Marketing, about how Easton achieved 659% mobile revenue growth and a 240% online revenue increase with The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™.

Easton Baseball
“Before working with The Good, our [digital marketing spend] ROI was 4.5 to 1. After working with The Good it was 9 to 1. It literally doubled.”
Stephen LeaseDirector of Digital Marketing, Easton Sports
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conversion rate increase
mobile revenue increase

The Overview

Easton Baseball is the biggest manufacturer of baseball equipment in the world. From bats to batting gloves, helmets and catchers gear, they do everything baseball.

Easton is the official supplier for Little League World Series and over 90% of college baseball swings are done holding an Easton bat.

The Challenge

When Easton approached The Good, they were looking to resonate better with their target market of the 15-year-old elite baseball athlete and grow direct to consumer online sales.

Easton was also spending a large digital marketing budget to drive traffic to their site without a high return on their investment.

The Process

Easton engaged The Good to produce their initial user experience audit and data analysis, called a Comprehensive Ecommerce Conversion Audit. The report highlighted challenges that were barriers to consumers purchasing from Easton.

In addition, Easton went through The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™ customized for Easton’s specific online growth goals. The program identified and put into place a variety of user-experience improvements based on consumer feedback, as well as user-testing and decision-making based on data analytics.

“The program hands down paid for itself within the first six months.”

Stephen LeaseDirector of Digital Marketing, Easton Sports

The Solution

The initial research and resulting audit on Easton’s website by The Good revealed that most online shoppers within the target market were visiting the site on a mobile device. However, Easton’s site was not mobile friendly or built with responsive design in mind.

Utilizing the insights of the Comprehensive Ecommerce Conversion Audit and as part of the Conversion Growth Program™, The Good quickly worked with Easton to establish a mobile presence through the implementation of a responsive mobile friendly version of their website, directly engaging their target audience and resulting in a 659% increase year-over-year in mobile sales.

“Working with The Good we saw a 659% increase in mobile revenue. One of the main goals we had at Easton was to relate more to our target market, which is the 15-year-old elite athlete. So we wanted to become mobile.

With The Good and their Conversion Growth Program™ we were able to increase mobile revenue by 659% and achieve that goal of resonating with our target market.”

The Good’s user research also discovered that when parents were on Easton’s website looking to purchase a bat for their child, they were often met with a page of similar looking bats on the product category listing pages. They had no idea which bats were approved for their child’s league and what the differences were between technologies and price points.

“Working with The Good increased our sales, improved conversion rates, and enhanced the user experience. The Good keeps Easton.com real, relevant, and everlasting.”

Combining Easton’s product and competition league knowledge with The Good’s user experience design, The Good designed a bat finder allowing the consumer to make a few easy selections via drop-down menus to research and find the best product for their needs. This resulted in a much quicker path to purchase, increasing ecommerce revenues 240%.

“We saw a 240% increase in ecommerce revenue.”

Finally, The Good provided Easton with insight on which digital marketing channels were driving the highest consumer engagement, conversion rates and sales.

Combined with an improved user experience once consumers reached their site, Easton saw their overall conversion rate increase by 94%, resulting in a 9 to 1 return on investment.

The Results

Today, through engaging The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™, Easton has seen a 240% increase in ecommerce revenue, a 94% increase in conversion rate, a massive 659% increase in mobile revenue, and an overall 9:1 return on investment.

“The biggest impact I saw when working with The Good, from a pure stat level, was the 94% in conversion rate increase. But the biggest thing that you can’t really quantify is the confidence.”

How They Got There

The work we completed for Easton Baseball included a combination of several of our service offerings, but these particular outcomes are the direct result of the following services:

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