Website Conversion Experts Reveal Secrets To Website Optimization In New Book

August 6, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. August 6, 2015 — A new book by website conversion experts, The Good, reveals the keys to unlocking a business’ online revenue potential.

The Good, an ecommerce and website lead generation advisory, is releasing their first book on ecommerce and online lead generation optimization. The book, “Stop Marketing Start Selling”, was written to help companies understand where their websites are failing, how to fix the problem, and generate more revenue.

This is the first book written by The Good, after years of helping business leaders to realize their online conversion goals. “Stop Marketing Start Selling” is a synthesis of their years of expertise and thought leadership on website and conversion optimization. The new book takes all of The Good’s expertise and boils it down into an easy to understand and implement format.

“This book,” said Jon MacDonald, President and Founder of The Good, “is for those who are dead serious about increasing online sales or leads, frustrated with low online sales numbers or a dwindling lead pipeline, and alarmed at how low their conversion rates are compared to industry averages.”

“Stop Marketing Start Selling” is premised on the idea that businesses who help their customers get what they want, win. The book uses real life examples to demonstrate that companies who stop marketing on their websites and serve their customers will increase conversion, sales, and leads.

Each chapter of “Stop Marketing Start Selling” looks at a different area where websites often fail. From the brand itself to post-purchase messaging, each chapter describes the problem simply, shows where to look for solutions, and offers tactics on how to solve the issue.

“After years of striving to create the perfect model for ecommerce and lead generation websites, we have captured the philosophy, process, and tactics that have allowed us to deliver double-digit ROI for our clients consistently. This book is the guide to making websites that convert,” said Shaun Tinney, Director of Research and Strategy at The Good.

“Stop Marketing Start Selling” is currently on presale on The Good’s website. It will be available on Amazon in September.


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About The Good

The Good is an ecommerce and lead conversion advisory who delivers more revenues, customers, and leads. We are conversion rate experts.

The Good has helped brands like Nike, Xerox, Easton, MasterCraft and Klean Kanteen drive sales and ensure proper revenue realization from their e-commerce and lead generation efforts.

The Good’s team speaks and writes frequently on how brands can best serve the ecommerce and B2B consumer, leading to increased revenues. We also conduct research and publish Insights on the state of ecommerce, conversion optimization, lead conversions, and digital marketing. The firm is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.