Cummins Allison Launches New Site To Boost Sales and Customer Experience

August 6, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. August 6, 2015 — Cummins Allison, the global leader in providing currency, coin, check and ticket-handling solutions, is rolling out its new site design.

The new site’s consumer experience was designed by The Good, an ecommerce and lead generation advisory, to help Cummins Allison increase conversions and create a customer-first experience.

“We are excited about this new site,” said Shaun Tinney, Director of Research and Strategy for The Good. “Through in-depth customer research we uncovered ways to make the site’s experience truly customer-centric while maximizing the website’s revenue potential.”

Cummins Allison is testing and rolling out the new design over the next several months.. Currently, all the new site pages are significantly outperforming the older customer experience, resulting in increased lead conversion rates due to the improved lead quality entering Cummins Allison’s sales funnel.

The new site was designed according The Good’s customer-centric philosophy that has helped companies’ increase online sales and conversions. Central to that philosophy is providing a streamlined customer experience that allows for an intuitive research and purchase process.

As it is launched over the next several months, the site can be visited at

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