Junior Conversion and UX Strategist

Here’s an opportunity for you. We’re a nimble and lean team who hustles to unlock huge results for our clients. We’re looking for an additional pair of hands to help us continue our growth, and that means you’ll be punching above your weight class almost daily.

You’ll be forming conversion optimization insights for clients like Adobe, Xerox, and mid-sized online businesses in eCommerce, lead generation, and monetization. And you’ll have the opportunity to grow into a Conversion and UX Strategist role, running your own client accounts.


The Junior Conversion and UX Strategist role is responsible for working with the Director of Conversion and UX Strategy to deliver The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™ for a subset of clients.

This entails using a host of research methods to form insights.  Our strategists analyze click and movement heatmaps, mine analytics data for patterns of behavior, conduct user testing, and watching session recordings  with the key objective of highlighting useful information, drawing actionable conclusions, formulating testing hypotheses, and supporting informed decision making.

This role should have a strong interest in:

  • Finding the most effective online customer experience
  • Helping to surface important but missing on-site content
  • Surface problems in the way of goal conversions
  • Identifying problems leading to page or cart abandonment
  • Creating a path of least resistance for online shopping

This position reports to the Director of Conversion and UX Strategy.


A qualified candidate for this role will exhibit the following:

  • Background in one of these areas preferred: UX, analytics, HCI,or consumer behavior
  • Ecommerce experience preferred
  • Understands good UX/UI and how to ensure the site/content/brand gets out of the way of the consumer (and the brand out of their own way!)
  • Holds The Good’s belief that the customer’s needs come first online (vs the brand’s needs) and likes what they see in our Insights
  • Great writing skills: to communicate with clients often, and contribute to our Insights
  • Soft skills: is very detail oriented, a quick thinker in pressure situations, and not afraid to pick up the phone over sending an email
  • Highly creative: we’re constantly looking for the points of highest leverage since we’re small and scrappy
  • Detail oriented: loves to-do lists and checking off the items
    Entrepreneurial: wants to work on a small team, and willing to contribute when/where needed outside of job role
    Must have a minimum of 1 year experience in a professional consulting environment
    Obtains and maintains industry recognized certifications

Scorecard Metrics

The role’s success will be determined through the following scorecard metrics:

  • Cares deeply about online end consumer satisfaction, happiness and loyalty
  • Guides clients to achieve at least a 3:1 ROI on their investment with The Good
  • Can handle working on 6-8 accounts simultaneously
  • Obtains and maintains industry recognized certifications


This role will be asked to do the following functions on a regular basis:

  • Consumer and UX Research – Setup and monitor multivariate tests, consumer surveys, and analyzing website and marketing campaign performance.
  • Analytics Reporting – You’ll be pulling digital analytics data with the goal of highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting informed decision making for all other team members.
  • Production – Produce meaningful hypothesis, test designs, and deliverables to clients in collaboration with your team.
  • Presentation Building – Forming client presentations based on data science, then open to critique from the team on where to dig deeper and how to revise.
  • Flexibility – Be ready to dive in to contribute where needed most, critique, and improve our client results.
  • Client Communication – Setting meetings, answering questions, conducting research and responding in a helpful manner.
  • Trends and Innovation – Actively seek out events and growth opportunities and then share your learning with the greater team.
  • Thought Leadership – Contribute research and content production (writing) for The Good’s extensive content efforts.

Core Values

At The Good we thrive by holding true to three core values that we expect every team member to uphold in themselves, and one another:

  • Be a force for change. We find opportunity in every challenge and take action to make things better.
  • Make improvements, not excuses. We hold each other accountable to grow through practice, not perfection.
  • Inspire by example. We challenge each other to risk temporary setbacks in pursuit of lasting progress.

About The Good

The Good is a trusted ecommerce and lead generation advisory delivering significant online sales for national consumer brands. We deliver more customers, revenue and leads to our clients.

The Good has helped brands like Adobe, Nike, Easton, Xerox, Bell Helmets and Klean Kanteen drive sales and ensure proper revenue realization from their ecommerce and lead generation efforts.

Brands have often engaged The Good because they were:

  • Dead serious about increasing online sales or leads
  • Frustrated with low online sales numbers or dwindling lead pipeline
  • Spending way too much to acquire new customers or leads
  • Alarmed at how low their conversion rates were compared to industry averages
  • Throwing 50% of their site traffic out the window because the site was not mobile-friendly
  • Sick of seeing people add products to their cart and then deserting
  • Frustrated by channel conflict concerns raised by their retailers or distributors

A little about our “Why”. Beyond the big creative idea (found at marketing and advertising firms), we make what matters to people. Focusing on the consumer’s goals paints a clear picture towards more sales. In fact, we’ve written the book on it: Stop Marketing, Start Selling.

The Good’s team speaks and writes frequently on how brands can best serve the e-commerce consumer, leading to increased revenues. We also conduct research and publish insights on the state of ecommerce, digital marketing, consumer brands, and e-commerce consumers. The firm is based in Portland, Oregon.

Recruiters: please no emails or phone calls.

Location: must be able to work on-site in our Portland, Oregon USA office.

Applications are only accepted at: https://the-good.breezy.hr/p/cecffcdbef5c/apply