Internship: Marketing Coordinator

Here’s the opportunity for you. We’re a nimble and lean team who hustles to unlock huge results for our clients. We’re looking for the next rising star to blossom into an internal marketing team member.

You’ll be taught the fundamentals of digital marketing over the course of your internship through hands-on learning supervised by our Director of Marketing. Every week you’ll be taught a new topic, sent off to explore the topic, and present back to the team what you learn.

You’ll then get to apply these learnings into real marketing scenarios and conversion optimization insights. At the end of your internship, you may even have the opportunity to stay on in a Junior role such as Marketing Coordinator, working directly with our team.

This is a paid internship.


​​The Marketing Coordinator Intern role is responsible for contributing to marketing initiatives, including but not limited to helping to deploy them, tracking relevant data; conducting content and customer research, maintaining and improving content inventory, preparing reports, and more.

​This is a part time junior role, with the possibly to grow into a full time role within 3 months.

This role is a practitioner: improving leading indicators for new business, content generation and amplification, ultimately leading to The Good’s revenue growth.

This role understands and accepts that the prospective client is now in control of how, when, and where they get information. The marketing coordinator helps to develop our marketing and content plan with specific metrics, strategies, audiences, tactics, and measurement, with the overall goal of generating more traffic to The Good’s website and converting those visitors into qualified conversations. A good summary of this role would be a strong T-shaped web marketer—someone who is agile, tracks success metrics, and iterates their way to results.

This position reports to Director of Marketing.

Applications without a cover letter will not receive a response. Must provide requested hourly wage in cover letter.


A qualified candidate for this role will exhibit the following:

  • Must have a positive attitude and be a self-starter.
  • Tactical marketing expertise. Can be trusted with execution of marketing tactics and tools, with occasional support.
  • A lifelong learner and voracious reader/podcast consumer. You must be in touch with marketing that’s working today, not things that resonated last year. This position requires constant testing and ongoing learning.
  • Strong problem solving skills. We’re constantly looking for the points of highest leverage since we’re small and scrappy.
  • Has an interest and a passion for: A/B testing, analytics, and digital ad platforms, Google Ads, and conversion rate optimization.
  • Priorities can change every few weeks as we learn more about which channels work, so you’re able to roll with the punches and offer your suggestions (based on data we gather) on approaches we should put more budget to, and the ones we should drop.
  • Entrepreneurial qualities: wants to work on a small team and willing to contribute when/where needed outside of job role.
  • Holds The Good’s belief that the customers needs come first online (vs the brand’s needs) and likes what they see in our Insights
  • Experience in journalism or related industry is a plus.


This role will be asked to do the following functions on a regular basis:

  • Content outreach and promotion
  • Content sharing to distributi​on channels
  • Deep industry content and competitor research
  • Content outlining, occasional writing, and editing
  • Craft clear product marketing copy
  • Prepare marketing content analytics reports
  • Social media messaging development
  • Help identify partnership opportunities
  • Website back-end edits and revisions
  • Helps with advertising creative where necessary
  • Various miscellaneous marketing activities as needed

Scorecard Metrics

The role’s success will be determined through the following scorecard metrics:

  • Content Amplification – Ensures the content generated is working hard to drive new qualified leads back to This will be measured based on a steady upward trend of backlinks, organic social shares, influencer social shares, and rising search engine positioning.
  • Content Optimization – Ensures regular quality thought leadership content is being optimized for positioning and SEO and is regularly rising in search engine position. In addition, they will monitor and help reduce website errors that affect SEO.
  • Attention to Detail – Maintains and upholds a high level of attention to detail in communications, including tone, grammar, and spelling​​

Core Values

At The Good we thrive by holding true to three core values that we expect every team member to uphold in themselves, and one another:

  • Be a force for change. We find opportunity in every challenge and take action to make things better.
  • Make improvements, not excuses. We hold each other accountable to grow through practice, not perfection.
  • Inspire by example. We challenge each other to risk temporary setbacks in pursuit of lasting progress.

About The Good

A little about our “Why”.

At The Good we know what ecommerce leaders really want is to have a website that produces a lot more revenue from their existing traffic. In order to do that, they need to convert more of their website visitors into buyers. The problem is, they don’t know how to get their conversion rate to the next level which makes them feel frustrated and stuck.

We believe every ecommerce leader deserves a clear path that helps them realize their website’s true conversion potential. We understand how challenging it can be to take an existing website to its next level, which is why for almost 10 years we have been helping ecommerce sites increase their conversion rates without the need to increase traffic.

In fact, we’ve written the book on it: Stop Marketing, Start Selling.

We are proud to be a certified B-Corporation.

B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. While The Good has sought to hold ourselves to higher standards as a matter of principle, the certification has helped to add another layer of outside accountability and transparency. B-Corp has evaluated how our practices impact our employees, their community, the environment, and our customers. To learn more about our certification, check out The Good’s B Corp profile.

Learn more about The Good.

Recruiters: please no emails or phone calls.

This is a paid internship.

Location: must be able to work on-site in our Portland, Oregon USA office.

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